Things to consider before Outsourcing Inbound Call Center


Whether a business is small or mid-sized, the profit-margins play the most important role in the decision-making process. If a business is doing well in the market, then it must think to implement an enhanced process for the customer’s assistance. The company’s profit is related to the kind of experience the customer has. And a satisfied customer means more sales. So, it all boils down to making the customer happy.

The process to make customers happy is directly linked to the quality of service a company provides. To ensure that the customer service is excellent, a management incurs a lot of profit-related questions. And the majority of these questions are about the cost-effectiveness of the process to be implemented. In case of an outsourced service, it becomes extremely difficult to determine the performance efficiency whilst forecasting the profits. Examining the below-mentioned factors could help choosing the best inbound call center:

  1. Calculating the employee’s worth-

    The benefits comparison between the outsourced call center and the in-house employee is very important. Generally, an employee gives 8 hours in a day attending calls and answering to the customer’s queries. Once this service is outsourced, the employee would hardly be spending an hour or two doing the same. So, collectively analyzing the employee’s wage with the expenditure done on the outsourced service (productivity included) would give a clear vision of the difference. This way, a business could figure out an estimate that whether the expenses are appropriate or need to be modified.

  1. Analyzing the inconvenient hours-

    Most of the businesses miss the opportunity to assist a frustrated or baffled customer due to the unavailability of the workforce. If a customer calls late at night then the call, for obvious reasons, goes on an automated voice. And that’s where the company loses the customer. Sometimes, the human response keeps a customer content, no matter his query is resolved or not. The experienced professionals at the inbound call center not only make sure that the customer’s query is resolved, but the agents are available 24×7 that gives the business an extra edge to retain customers. As per the latest study on the customer retention, a 5% increase rate in the retention rate roughly hikes the profit rate by 20%.

  1. Losses on the poor customer service-

    When an employee is engaged in his “regular” job, attending the customer call at that moment doesn’t involve dedication. The reason being the employee just wanting to get back to what he was doing. These employees not using their best customer skills turns into the loss of the company. Hence, analyzing the effects of such unfulfilling calls on the business would make the decision clear about outsourcing. The whole and sole job of the agent at a call center is to provide an exceptional customer assistance. Also, the agents have no other task that they’d had to compromise with the customer’s call. So, they ultimately give their 100% in providing the customer the rightful information thus helping the business to retain them.

Outstanding business strategies

This could be termed as an extra benefit associated with outsourcing. Since the agents have all the records of the customer, they can either:

  1. Provide you the data to analyze and work to improve
  2. Or they can formulate strategies on their own and implement to gain effective results if authorized to do so.

Such advantage makes the business flexible and provides enough time to adopt the trends of the market and work vigorously.


Most of the businesses lose a whole lot customers only because of the poor customer service. There are times when a company making an extraordinary product doesn’t experience a hike in sales due to the unfulfilling customer service. Making the customers a priority always adds value to the business and increases its presence. The kind of customer service a company provides automatically gets spread all over as 7 out of 10 customers tend to share their experiences. The entire idea behind outsourcing the call center service should be to make the customer experience unforgettable. Because the more you retain, the more you earn.

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