Yashshvi May 21, 2020

In between the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, we had another bad news that this powerful cyclone hit Bangladesh and eastern India and has taken the lives of at least 20 people and destructed thousands of homes. Now the super cyclone has moved towards North East as heavy rainfall and storm were seen in Assam and Meghalaya.

From the updates, it has been noted that the super extreme cyclone Amphan on Wednesday made landfall close to Sundarbans. This super cyclone was very much destructive for West Bengal and Bangladesh, it washed off many bridges connecting the Indian islands. It also washed of tress, electrical pools in just six and a half hours. This super cyclone after 21 years left Kolkata and most of south Bengal pulverized. The chief Mamta Banerjee said that this destruction was more than the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and further claimed that the damage happened is more Rs. 1 trillion. Moreover, the reports said that around 500,000 people in West Bengal and around 100,000 in Odisha have been shifted to shelter homes because of this dangerous cyclone.

Probing further, cyclone Amphan has now moved towards the North-Eastern states as heavy rainfall in Assam and Meghalaya is seen. The regions have been alerted already, people are said to be at their homes only as Kolkata has witnessed massive damage. The internet in the stormy and alter places is all very slow because of this super cyclone.

Hence, the cyclone has already left a trail of destruction in Bangladesh and now is likely to hit Assam and Meghalaya. For having more updates on the super cyclone, then stay tuned without page.

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