Who or What is Binod? – How did a YouTube comment turn into a meme?


Previously, in the month of February, Anubhav Singh Bassi famously says that “Koi sense hai is baat ki?” This means that, does it makes any sense? the comedian summed it all very prettily. 2020 is the year having so many tragedies and bizarre trends as well. A month later after the weird dessert trend comes out the Binod trend. This article is having everything that should know about Binod- the recent trend. Have a look to know:

Who is Binod?

People ask on a higher scale than who is Binod, let’s clear out this. A famous YouTube channel run by Abhyudaya and Gautami recently shared a video. In that video, they went down the rabbit hole i.e. Indian comments section. Through that comment section, a new meme about Binod was born. Both Abhyudaya and Gautami gave and told the people what exactly happened in the filthy comment section of the video. They say that commenters left stuff behind that will scratch down your heads. From thoko likes to dessert trend there were so many things going down in the comment sections.

Titled, Why Indian Comment Section is Garbage, Binod? One of the comments that stood out these days was from Binod Tharu, who simply wrote Binod, in the comments. Was he marking his territory? Probably yes, he was.

But guess what happened? Internet latched on it so much that it became the topmost trend on the microblogging site. Now, this Binod word has become a trend and meme for the whole of the nation. People are using this word here and there just to make others entertained. If you are not yet familiar with this meme, then you can go and check some on the Internet.

Therefore, this is a short story from where the trend and meme came out. Get connected to us to know more about the things trending on the Internet.

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