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In this ongoing pandemic of coronavirus, the Tiktok and YouTube lovers are enjoying at their homes only. This is all because of the ongoing battle between YouTubers and Tiktok users. Recently, one of the famous memer, YouTuber and content creator named Ajay Nagar shared his roast video featuring Tiktokers and it went viral.

How did this controversy start between YouTubers and TikTokers?

The controversy between YouTubers and Tiktokers started when a girl from Tiktok made something against the YouTubers who roasted the Tiktok and abused the TikTokers for some fun and enjoyment. Moreover, one of the tiktok users posted something against Ramzan that was very much exaggerated, and due to this, the rivalry was taken to some another level. After this, the YouTuber said that the Tiktok is a mujra platform where Tiktokers are replying about their fan base.

Along with this, a YouTuber said that the Tiktokers are gaining blue tick by fake means, they are doing this through Instagram profiles or by making fake Wikipedia. Furthermore, the YouTuber said that they are doing this just for the sake of blue ticks from the digital media. In that controversy video, the girl said that Tiktok and YouTube are totally different platforms and Tiktokers do such hard work for reaching this popular creator platform. Meanwhile, the YouTubers said that lip-sync is not hard work, it is very much easy to do but creating new content is very much difficult. The YouTuber further said that we have to make a content video of around 15 to 25 minutes but your video gets finished in just 15 to 60 sec. Along with this, the YouTubers called the users of Tiktokers as gay and transgender was the exact word used by them. This is how the controversy started and went to some other level, but the controversy happening between YouTubers and Tiktokers is wrong.

Are the Tiktokers involved in the creation of this controversy?

Amir Siddiqui is the Tiktoker who has been blamed for having a fake blue tick on Tiktok through their Wikipedia article. After watching the video of YouTubers against Tiktokers “Amir Siddiqui” is the only one who raised this fight. It was also noted that the video creators on YouTube said that Tiktok users are only known for making cringe content and entertaining people.

After knowing all this, Amir Siddiqui says that YouTubers are roasting Tiktok just for the fan base and earning money. Whereas the YouTubers replied that we are already having a fan base and they all are getting likes and blue ticks just from their Instagram profiles. Tiktokers further said that we are having Instagram followers just because of our hard work and said that one day we will take over YouTube frim roasted hands.

Hence, this is the full controversy happening between the YouTubers and the Tiktokers. The people involved are YouTubers “Carry Minati” and Tiktoker “Amir Siddiqui”. If you want to know more, you can check the video on the browser. Moreover, there are so many memes going viral these days about both YouTubers and Tiktokers.

Stay updated to know more about this rivalry between YouTubers and Tiktokers.

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