What Are The Best Tips For Minimal Functioning Of Air Conditioner?

Sahil Arora

You have worked in Delhi for a quarter of a decade and have shifted to Bangalore after quarter of a century. The summer is on the way to Bangalore. You are building a new home in a plot in Basavanagudi. Since you have already experienced the harshness of summer in Bangalore, you plan to build a home which requires the minimum functioning of an air conditioner. So how do you do it? Read the article to find out.

  1. Stop The Heat From Coming Inside

Remember, it does not matter if you have a good AC to your home. You should also prevent the heat that comes through unwanted sources in the summer. Your wall is exposed to the sun, ceiling is exposed and sunlight can come through the windows.

In similar situations, insulate your home. If the outdoor temperature is more than indoors, definitely hot air will blow via the cracks. Not interested in wall insulation? Then it is better to use cellulose, foam or fiberglass to the walls. Use radiant barrier to cut heat in the attic.

2. Inefficient Appliances

You can name any electronic appliance. Let it be refrigerators, lighting, washers, stoves, dryers – all generate heat (unwanted). In turn, the temperature of the house will rise. So, the best solution is to buy products which are energy-efficient. When you buy incandescent light bulbs, nearly ninety percent of the energy is wasted as heat. Check with your electrician to find the right type of bulbs for your home.

The best way to save energy as well cool your home is to relocate the freezer to the garage. It will not contribute the heat to the space. The timings for dinner and lunches on the weekends should be divided carefully. You do not have to make use of the oven on the hot days.

  1. Windows

If you have windows surrounding the house, provide a shady shelter. If you have a window on the east and west side of your home, then definitely the rooms will get hot in summer. Not to mention the sun’s rays heating the walls and roof of the house. Imagine a air conditioner working in a similar type of house. What do you think the electrical bills will be?

The best way for reducing the heat in a similar type of house is to first provide shading to the windows. However, ensure you seek the guidance of a civil engineer. He/she can give you the best suggestions for gaining the best breeze in summer and winter. If you have a south-facing window, plantation of trees or shrubs will prevent the cool breeze in winter from coming to your house.

  1. Ceiling Fans

They can work both ways. Have you bought a fan that has the ability to spin both directions? You are smart. The appliance will help you lower the energy bills all round the year. In the summer, the ceiling fan that can spin counter-clockwise can create a cool breeze. Cut to the opposite, a clockwise motion can create a platform keeping the warm air in the rooms. Buy a fan that has various speed settings.


But remember, in an unfortunate situation, the air conditioner is not giving you the required cool air. You read the tips specified in the internet and find that the ac needs maintenance. So, what will you do in a particular situation? Search for the warranty card. There is a popular proverb – Misfortune does not come single. The warranty period has expired. But if you are new to Bangalore and do not know the local language, it is very difficult to get a qualified and skilled repair expert for AC service in Bangalore. You have to depend on referrals or search on established websites. You can try another method. If you are tuned to the recent developments in business, you know a bunch of companies have emerged all over the world which provide top quality handyman services at the customer’s doorstep. You can download their app, and book the service of AC repair and maintenance at your own convenient time and place. Before the date, the qualified expert will call you to discuss the requirement. On the scheduled place and time, the expert will come to your place and restore the appliance back to normal.

Have you read the article? Did it give you valuable tips? We sincerely hope that the other choices have given you new information. So kindly take suitable steps while building a new home. Do you feel we have missed a point? Feel free to put a comment in the Review section.

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