7 Worthy Tips to Reduce Stress of Moving into a New Apartment


Whether you are changing your accommodation due to family expansion, finances and easy access to your office; once you have decided to relocate, packing up your belongings and shifting them into a new apartment is the next big thing to tackle. In fact, packing and taking your luggage to another place can be the most frustrating part of moving. It will give you physical and mental stress if you ignore planning and organisation.

Here I am sharing few easy to follow tips, which will help you to make apartment relocation smooth and comfortable.

Take measurements

Don’t forget to measure large furniture items and cupboards before moving into the new apartment. Note down the sizes and measure the rooms, doors and entryways to ensure that furniture will be carried inside easily and fit in the place properly. Furnishing items, which are installed accurately in your current house, might not adjust to a new home. You may replace the particular piece of furniture with a new one, whose dimensions are compatible with a new place.

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Pack wisely

Ideally packing should be performed room wise. However, if you don’t find this approach realistic, sort out every room to collect similar items and wrap them together. For example, you have a lot of books, bed sheets, towels, and pillows; put same things all in one place to trackback easily. If you put items randomly in different boxes, you will end up losing your mind to find the domestic stuff like iron, electric kettle, spoons or plates. Once you sorted out similar items, rest of the items in a room can be packed together. Don’t forget to label all the boxes. When it comes to packing clothing, toiletries and other accessories, make separate suitcases for everyone in the family. Pack like you do for vacations to ensure everyone will conveniently find their clothing and stuff.

Hire a professional mover

Doing everything on your own will put immeasurable stress on your mind and body. No matter how much time you may have spent on planning and packing the stuff, you can’t carry the huge boxes, furnishing and kitchen items on your own. Hiring a professional mover will protect you from a headache and extra stress. In short hiring, a professional mover is a handy way to relocate heavy objects. To avail maximum benefits, work with reputable vendors only.

Schedule your move

Shifting to a new lodging space is a gigantic and time taking task. Don’t imagine doing it in a couple of days. Though you are working on a plan, you can’t shift and unpack all the stuff on the same day of moving. Practicing this will exhaust you completely. Remember packing takes time. Give yourself suitable time to pack up belongings and de-cluttering unwanted objects. Save your time and energy and start relocation in the morning preferably on weekends.

Fix furnishing and appliances first

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Once you have completed shifting everything into your new apartment, unpacking and organising things is the next step of relocation. To avoid scattering everything on the floor, start arranging furnishing and appliances. Clean and reassemble furniture and place it room.  After that, you can empty suitcases to put clothing and bedding in the closets. This way you can quickly free up floor area for unloading other boxes.

Dispose of packing material

At the end of unpacking all the boxes and luggage, you will be left with stacks of paper, cartons, plastic, foaming sheets, which you have used in packing. Ask building management about trashing and recycling policies. You need to follow these procedures to ensure eco-friendly waste disposal.

Update your address

Updating residential address is essential. From bank account and driving license to vehicle registration papers and magazine subscription, change it at least two weeks before you shift to a new home. Visit post office and ask them to forward all the letters received at the previous address to your new address.


Whether the apartment rental is located nearby or it’s far away or located in another city, planning and organization can reduce not only the stress but also convert it into an exciting adventure.

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