Know how Apple’s Swift can Transform the Face of Your Business


There is a strong reason, Google has termed Swift as a powerful programming language. It is interactive, easy to learn and ‘swift’ as the name goes. It offers a number of advantages over Objective-C and it has slowly and smoothly taken over Objective-C since December 2016 now. Top notch companies like IBM, UBER, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mozilla have been involved with swift, much before the, it started trending.

Swift – the journey from swift to swift 4

Swift was introduced at Apple’s 2014 edition of Worldwide developers conference (WWDC). Since it’s introduction, it has created an enormous paradigm shift in the way we perceive an open programming language. Swift has since then, been loved by developers. This powerful programming language includes modern features and codes, that are both interactive and fun.

Swift 1.0 offered advanced new features, improved performance and refined syntax until the introduction of swift 1.2, that had 13 new features. The new features include smarter compiler diagnostics, better semantics and set data structure and a swift migrator. And of course, it is more swifter than swift 1.0 and 1.1 offering much higher coding and compiling speeds.

With the introduction of Swift 2.0, Apple took a step towards creating an open community by offering a fair number of additional features and functionalities to aid programmers working with it. Also, swift 2 is fairly simple for Apple Developers.

Swift 3.0 is the ongoing version of Apple’s Programming language. The latest in the wagon is swift 4. Swift’s standard release is scheduled for the fall of 2017.

Advantages of this latest iteration- Swift 3.0

The new features for swift 3.0 were unveiled during Apple’s 2016 edition of WWDC. One of the major implementations that swift 3.0 offers is porting of swift to other operating systems like Windows and Linux. The greatest advantage is that Apple made it open source. In simple words, it is making breakthrough innovations allowing users to copy and paste items from iOS to macOS.

How can Swift help your business?

Of every feature a programming language offers, the most important is the benefit it has on your business. This open source programming language is growing fast and how! It is immediately accessible and less costly as compared to other programming languages. It provides various speed advantages, in turn, saving on costs. Described as Objective-C without the C, it has long ago replaced objective C’s monopoly over creating OSX and iPhone applications development.

One of the prime requirements of any business is shortening the time to market. The need of quality products in short time has always prevailed. Swift is known to provide easy coding and greatly helps in reducing the time to market.

A very crucial aspect of any mobile application is safety. A safe and secure application is necessary. Swift handles bugs and produces safer applications than Objective-C. The icing on the cake is, swift makes the application easy to maintain. As it does not have any legacy code to deal with, swift is much easier to maintain.

Also hiring swift developers is less costly. To make applications in iOS you get the options to hire Objective-C and swift developers. Objective-C developers are the highest paid ones. Hiring swift developers can reduce application development cost to a fairly good extent.

Swift is well designed, well organized and has a brighter future. It is intuitive, clean, expressive and most importantly, it is faster than Objective-C. With so many beautiful advantages to offer, swift is the new black when it comes to iOS development. What’s more? Developers love swift. And it is evident from the fact that swift finds its name on the list of top 10 popular programming languages.

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