Want To Host A Netflix Watch Party?

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Want To Host A Netflix Watch Party?

Here’s how to do it:- 

Online watch parties are provided worldwide by Netflix and some other streaming apps are also rendering the same services. Many people are unaware of this feature, especially those who are less interested in the digital world. Netflix allows users to host online watch parties with their family and friends on SVoD. “Tele-party” (TP) is an interesting tool that offers exciting features to its users. In an online streaming watch party, you can create a group with your people and you can share Gifs, emojis, screenshots, and also share comments of your choice.

This kind of watch party is primarily famous in America. They host different types of watch parties. If you want to host a watch party like in America then you need to get a Netflix VPN service. Anyone easily able to host a Netflix watch party with US Netflix titles, then you cannot do it on a US server through a subscription in Netflix VPN. 

How to kick-start a Tele-party:- 

Before starting a Netflix watch party, you need to do two things – get a tele-party chrome extension, and copy the URL/link of the tele-party through that you easily share this with another member whom you want to connect with your party. People who already have Netflix subscriptions, can easily host a Netflix watch party with their family and friends and enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies also. These features got a better place in the COVID-19 pandemic situation when people face self-quarantine. 

The process to do a Netflix watch party:- 

  1. Open the Netflix party site to download/install the “Tele-party” Google Chrome extension.
  2. Hit on the tab “Get Tele-party for Free”. 
  3. Click on the “add chrome” Button. 
  4. You will see a “TP” (Tele-party) logo in your Google Chrome browser.
  5. Open Netflix and “sign in” with valid credentials. 
  6. Choose a movie/TV show for your Netflix watch party. 

You need to check your internet speed before joining this streaming party, and you need much time to watch together with less interruption. So, if you are watching your show then try not to get disconnected. 

How does it work:- 

You need to have a Netflix subscription and sign up as your membership account. One member from your group syncs the Tele-party streaming account after selecting any TV show or movie. After that, all members will be able to join and watch the same show on their screens. 

Want To Host A Netflix Watch Party?

What to do if it doesn’t work:-

During the lockdown period, this watch party taught many people about life and how to enjoy it while being in quarantine. This night watch party shows the path from dark to light, they host long night movies and explore entertainment. More than 12 million people host watch parties through tea parties. For the best streaming, you have to choose the best VPN which can’t be detected by Netflix because we all know that Netflix is becoming smarter day by day. There are chances that Netflix may find and block VPN smartly.

Netflix provides you with those TV shows and movies that are most demanding in your area because they use geographic tracking and choices. According to your IP (internet protocol) address, most things happen based on your location.

How do you see video content together? 

After creating your group and the Tele-party, you will see another window. You will have to copy the visible link and share that with all group members. Then, you will be able to watch some programs with each other and share your thoughts through the chat. Chat rooms are visible in the right-side corner of your screen. 

You can see all the members who are involved in your netflix watch party and you can be able to enjoy togetherness through the digital world. An online watch party is the best idea to stay connected in the situation of lockdown when people can’t meet their loved ones physically. More than 200 million active users belong to Netflix. So, this platform can also be used for communication and not only for show streaming apps. The best part is that Netflix provides every possible feature to the user which is commendable.

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