UP police force killed Vikas Dubey in an encounter: Here is everything you need to know


From the recent updates, it has been found that the gangster Vikas Dubey has been killed in an encounter. On Thursday morning, he was arrested by the police Madhya Pradesh from Mahakal Temple, Ujjain. Police force told that he got arrested after a five day run out from four different Indian states and was having around 60 criminal cases of murder, kidnapping, extortion, and rioting as well. But today police force of Uttar Pradesh said that Vikas Dubey has been killed in an encounter because he was trying to escape from the jail on Friday morning. Here’s everything that you need to know about:

STF (Special Task Force) of Uttar Pradesh said that in the morning, the gangster Vikas Dubey tried to escape but was shot by the police force. But this encounter of Vikas Dubey drew a flurry of reactions from so many different people whereas some said that Dubey got exactly what he was deserving. Some of the people are very much happy and they are saying that this is the perfect thing that he got after such a long list of crimes and last week ambush that killed around 8 police officers. Ergo, some other people are saying that this encounter a failure on part of UP police hindering that process of justice that was very much due for Dubey in a court of law. Have a look as we have provided a list of who said what?

STATEMENT 1: Injured Constable said that this brought solace to my soul and it is going to restore the public confidence in the police as well in government.

STATEMENT 2: Father of martyred constable gave a special thanks to the Uttar Pradesh police. He said that I’m very much proud of UP police that they decided to do encounter of Vikas Dubey. Moreover, they said that this brought solace to my soul and I thank Yogi Government as well as administration for doing justice with us as we have lost our sons.

STATEMENT 3: Wife of martyred constable said that I’m very much satisfied now. She said that I lost my husband in this riots but today is the day when I’m and his soul both are satisfied.

STATEMENT 4: Akhilesh Yadav, the President of the Samajwadi Party said that the encounter of gangster Dubey has been done to hide all the political connections and the things happening in politics. He tweeted about all this, you can check on Twitter as well.

Therefore, to know some more things in detail you can check on Twitter about tweets of party people.

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