Gangster Vikas Dubey arrested at Madhya Pradesh Temple after a five-day run


Finally good news for the people, recently Vikas Dubey the gangster has been arrested from the temple in Madhya Pradesh. He was caught in Ujjain and around the same time, two of his aides were killed down in separate encounters in UP (Uttar Pradesh).

Vikas Dubey is a known gangster and arrest warrant was made against him five days back because he was accused of killing eight police officers last week. But finally, a five day run behind him the department of criminal activities that is the police department has arrested him. He was found in Madhya Pradesh temple on Thursday morning. Reports have told that he had a five-day chase out across four states but after a 700km journey to Mahakal Temple in Ujjain, he got arrested.

Furthermore, when CCTV footage was seen out, it was found that Vikas Dubey was in a mask and was taken out by a half dozen cops. While taking him to the police van, Vikas Dubey shouted that “MAIN HI HOON VIKAS DUBEY, KANPUR WALA”. This means that I am Vikas Dubey the gangster from Kanpur.

Later on, the reports said that Vikas Dubey was spotted around 7 A.M. when he was trying to enter the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, he was trying to enter from the back gate and was spotted by one person over there. He was recognized by the shopkeeper while he came to buy the prayer offerings, as soon as the shop owner recognized Vikas Dubey he informed the cops about that. When he was trying to emerge in the temple, security guards questioned him. Then he produced a fake ID with the name of Paul but guards did not let him in the temple. Moreover, he hit out one guard because they tried to drag him to the police force. Hence, it is not yet clear that how Vikas Dubey got found in Ujjain as he was last spotted in a hotel Faridabad, Haryana.

According to the police officers, Dubey drove himself from Kota to Rajasthan and he was in his own car with the other two associates. But no worries, this is one of the biggest successes for the police force of Madhya Pradesh as Vikas Dubey was a cruel killer. Lastly, we would like to tell you that Dubey is charged with 60 criminal cases including murder, kidnapping, extortion, rioting, and many more.

But thanks to god that he is under arrest now, just get connected to us for having more details.

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