Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi, asked how China managed to widened road in Doklam

Ravleen Chawla

Today, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi kept up the stress on PM Modi by asking him to clarify how China managed to widen its existing motorable road in Doklam regardless of the heavy Indian Army presence there.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has attacked  Modi government over the subject of the issue. It is well-known that the Central Government had claimed to resolve the question of Doklam. However, China is once again increasing the operation of its troops in Doklam. Currently, Rahul has tweeted this issue targeting at PM Modi. Rahul tweeted, “Modiji if you get a break from admiring you, will you clarify it?” Rahul has also shared the news with a tweet.

It has been supposed in this news that more than 500 Chinese soldiers are still positioned at Doklam. It is known that there was a deadlock amid China and India concerning the Doklam. But, at present news is coming that the Chinese soldiers are still stationed in Doklam, and there is rising deployment of China and soldiers. There is a sign that there is always no tension amid the two countries’ forces on the border.

This novel Chinese road construction comes a time when both India and China are upholding stepped-up military force-levels close to the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction. In spite of,  the rival troops having detached from the original face-off site at Doklam on28th  August.

In July, Indian troops congested China’s People’s Liberation Army from expanding the existing motorable road in the Bhutanese territory of Doklam.

India has not up till now objected to China’s new road-construction activity, which is just about 10-km from the former troop’s face-off site.  As it is not being done towards the militarily-sensitive Jampheri Ridge area like before. The media alleged, “The PLA is now utilising the construction material and bulldozers it had brought to the face-off site at Doklam to perk up the road it constructed in the area some years ago”.

The sources also added that “China is strengthening its claim on the Doklam territory, i.e. India backs Bhutan’s claim on it by mounting the road about 10-km north and east of the earlier face-off site. The PLA has been calculating the road for several years and frequently sends patrols to the region.”


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