Nita Ambani, The New Member of IOC’S Olympic Channel Commission

Jake Blake

The youth icon Mrs.Nita Ambani, founder and chairperson of Reliance Foundation has become the member of the international Olympic committee. She is the first woman who has gained recognition at this level. She has also made it to the two important sports governing body including the prestigious Olympic channel. Through her brilliance, she has also been made a member of the Olympic education commission by IOC.

Holding membership

The Olympic channel commission is headed by Lawrence Francis Probst of United States. Lawrence is the chairperson of the Olympic channel commission. Ambani is one of the 16 chief members of the Olympic channel commission. Besides this, Ambani is the President of the Paralympic committee.
Ambani has holds the membership of the Olympic Education Commission. She is the 24-member of this prestigious committee. Barry John Maister is the head of the Olympic education committee along with an IOC member and a gold medallist on hockey.

Previous year record

Last year, Ambani became an elected member of the international Olympic committee and is the first woman who will govern the Olympic sports in the world. 53-years old Ambani will get to serve the world sport’s apex body for the next 7 years. The age to serve the sport’s apex body until 60 years. Not only this, but Ambani has also been a part of IOC by being a member of its commission for Public Affairs and social Development.

Saina Nehwal, Olympic medallist shuttler is another member of the IOC athletes commission. She was giving this position last year in the month of October.

This year, the composition of the IOC commissions is increased by an increase of 70 percent in the participation of the female as compare to September 2013. The commission has all kind of people in it from this generation. The appointment of the member for the commission shows a wide geographical area that has been covered by the members. This remarkable increase in the selection of the female member has been successful by the vital role played by Bach. He says, “In the world of sports it is essential to empower and entrust the youth. Their involvement is a must-have in the world of sports. This will also help in keeping the tomorrow’s sports more alive and impactful. We need to take some positive steps toward the world of sports by nurturing and training the sports leaders of today so that they can make sports better at world level”. Bach has been doing a lot for women in the world sports and through his efforts now 38 per cent of places have been taken by women.

With the increasing number of members from America, Africa and Asia is a step towards globalisation and maintaining universality. It will also promote the empowerment of women in the world of sports. The huge diversity of the members of the committee will provide coherent decisions and will also reflect the idea of fraternity and love between the various participating countries.

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