Hindustani Bhau’s Instagram account suspended for violating guidelines


From the updates, information came that Instagram has suspended the account of former Big Boss contestant and YouTuber. The name of that person is Hindustani Bhau also known as Vikas Fahtak. His account has been suspended because many of the people reported his account for hate speech and promoting violence. Therefore, violation of the guidelines is the only reason why Instagram did the suspension of his account.

Further, the comedian Kunal Kumra also asked the Maharashtrian Home Minister to take action against Vikas for all the videos of his. He wrote that Hm @AnilDeshmukhNCP and @Mumbai Police to call for open violence because this is a serious crime. In addition, he says that this is a mob building and a hate spreading exercise. Therefore, it is very much alarming. Remarks such as system side main are a big insult to the constitution. Hence, for violation of rules, his account suspension is there.

Hundreds of Twitter users shared pictures and screenshots of messages they got from Hindustani Bhau for reporting the YouTuber. Furthermore, all these people celebrated their job by sharing the memes on Instagram account suspension of Hindustani Bhau’s. Everyone posted that this is one of the biggest achievements and also wrote a thanksgiving message to Instagram. Earlier in the year 2019, Vikas wide files a complaint in Khar Police Station. Just because of the incorrect statements made about him on social media.

His wife through a handwritten letter says that many incorrect and fake messages, statements, and videos got impose against Hindustani Bhau. People are addressing themselves as family members but seriously no one is helping during this problem. Further, she writes this letter is just to inform you “any misconduct or misuse case was by some outsiders”. We are not at all responsible for this. No one knows what is correct and what not, till any further notifications or updates we cannot make any announcement.

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