Meet Capt. Shalini Singh Widow of martyr wins Classic Mrs. India 2017 Pageant From Battle Ground to Beauty Pageant

Jake Blake

When she thinks, she has to do it she has done it. Conquering all odds of society Capt. Shalini Singh becomes Capt in the army after losing his husband in a battleground of Kashmir on 28 September 2001, he single handly killed 4 terrorists suffered gunshot and attain martyrdom.

From where she got inspiration

Capt Shalini was only 23 years old at that time with her 2-year-old son. When people are consoling she thinks it was all unreal and decided to kill herself but seeing his son force her to be a strong mother for him. Then there she decided to join the army but was clueless about a procedure and the hard training behind it as she was fragile not that much physically strong.

She decided to talk to his husband colleague more were surprised more were supportive. They made her aware of the tough training remote posting as her son Druv is totally dependent on her. Then there she decided her son will be her strength, not weakness and started to prepare for SSB 3 months after her husband martyr on December 2001 she was called for a week-long interview at SSB, Allahabad.

Her Hardwork

But the good time has not started yet she has to leave her son behind,but fail to do so her parents accompanied her in Allahabad but her son refused to eat from them and as per rule no family is allowed on campus so her parents with her son wait in the nearby park so she can feed her at every break. Training was a lot tougher she has cried in pain and pushes herself to achieve it when the result announced she made it cried out a lot remembering her husband.

A week after there was a medical test and she could not ask her parents to sit in a park for another week she makes her child understand that he has to live with nana nani and she expected he doesn’t cry and her with flying kisses.

The beginning of training started in officer’s training academy Chennai, her life has taken a U-turn. Hard work pays on 07 September 2002, 20 days off her husband first martyrdom anniversary she was commissioning officer in Indian Army.

Everyone in commissioning ceremony got wet eyes as her 3-year-old son piped the epaulets on her shoulder, She also received her husband’s Kirti Chakra Award in her uniform by president Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalaam.

After 6 years of her service, she decides to leave Army to give more settled life to her son now 16-year-old lives in Delhi and still she is working for him and are happy as a family.

Not only this a fitness and health freak Capt. Shalini Singh proudly participated in Mrs. India 2017 and won the title of Classic Mrs. India Queen of substances.

A big Salute to this Lady .

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