4 Basic Tips for Cricket Betting

Nick Clair

For cricket lovers in India, cricket betting is a fantastic way to make some additional revenue. Well, if you are interested in betting, you can visit 10cric.com for more odds and bet in the most professional way.

Still, if you are the type of person who is new to the betting industry, this article will help you tons. Discovering every possible betting tip, let’s go ahead and uncover some brilliant ones.

The Basic Tips for Cricket Betting

  1. Match Odds (For Winning the Match)

Matching odds is one of the most popular and one of the best ways to make money in online cricket betting.

The entire working of this tip is simple where you can pick one or two teams who can be the potential winner. This method works best whenever there is a one-day international match or other big tournaments.

In case of the odds, favourites who are likely to win the match will get better odds. One tip here for the better is that you will have to research on each team as per the match format. With this, you can clearly compare how well the team will perform on the game day.

Also, betters can research the bowlers along with the batsman where you can get a better prediction for which cricket team you will have to go for.

  1. Tied Match

Just like the name depicts, it’s a wager whereas the better will determine whether the test match will draw or not. Also, some bookmakers make use of the Double Chance where you can bet either on the winning side, draw or both sides.

Also, betters must use this option when they surely know that both the teams are tough ones. For example, in the case of India vs Australia test match, this option can be the best one for every better.

This can be only achieved by gathering immense information on both the teams before performing betting.

  1. Series Winner

The betters must use this option when they want to decide on which of the two teams will be the winner. It’s pretty common to search for three or five series games whereas a great series is none other than the Ashes. In Ashes, England and Australia play against each other in a five-match series.

In this case, the betters can analyse and decide which will be the team of the two that can potentially win the series.

Here, to make the most of this option, the betters must look for the long-term performance of each team. Also, the betters will have to check how each team performed in the previous series.

Further, using recent data can be another handy option to analyse the team that can potentially win the series.

Here, you can fully make use of the internet where you can freely examine the teams that can win and the ones that don’t have the potential.

  1. Outright Winner

Whenever the better needs to find out that one team who can win the World Cup, Champions trophy or a T20 event, they use the Outright Winner option.

This type of gamble involves that the team will not only win the matches but will win the entire tournament.

This is possibly the long term betting where the risk factor is extremely high. Here, the betters will have to invest their money along with the time before they can see the potential results. Also, you will have to use the present data to analyze the future and then perform online cricket betting.

Still, the Outright Winner is an advanced step in online betting. Before this, you can easily follow the above tips/strategies and things will work pretty perfectly.


Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, betters must have got the basic tips and strategies for cricket betting.

Well, if you are a beginner in online cricket betting, the above tips will give you a glance towards the steps to perform cricket betting.

Hence, all you need is to follow each of the above betting tips and strategies. After practicing yourself and with time, you will be a master to perform betting, the best ever way. You can get betting bonuses here.

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