Unlock 4.0- Everything you need to know about this unlock phase


As per the recent updates, it has been found that we are in the fourth phase of reopening the economy. But there are so many things that you should know about Unlock 4.0. Have a look at this article, as it is going to tell you down what things are going to open in Unlock 4.0 and what not?

Delhi-NCR: Metro back on track? According to the research and reports, the metro trains that came to halt on March 22nd, 2020 due to COVID are now finally going to start. The metro trains in the Delhi-NCR region are going to come back on track. There is no information about metro’s coming back to the track in other metropolitan regions. The services of the metro will start in September but with only 50% initial capacity. Moreover, with the token systems passengers will get use too with the contactless ticketing systems. However, metros are coming back to life in Unlock 4.0 but other things are going to remain closed only. All the schools, colleges, cinema halls, and auditoriums are going to remain shut till further notice from the government. Bars are going to open but with takeaway options only, according to the reports.

Bengaluru- Hospitality sector joy: In the Unlock 4.0 phase, Karnataka which has relaxed restrictions on interstate travel, will allow bars and pubs to open too in the market. Therefore, this is going to be a great benefit for the hospitality sector in the state of Bengaluru. Hence, all the institutions, colleges, and schools are going to remain shut down. Along with this, the metro is also going to be in shut down phase-only till any other notice from the government.

Kolkata- Bi-weekly lockdown goes open: In the Unlock 4.0 phase, Kolkata is going to get landed with domestic flights. But the state is going to be there in the lockdown for twice a week where only essential services will be provided. All the educational centers, schools, colleges will remain closed till September 20th, 2020. But the good news is that pubs, bars are going to be opened next week in the phase of Unlock 4.0.

Mumbai- Local trains still out of bound: Last month only malls and markets were given an order to open but gyms and other workout places remained closed. However, in this Unlock 4.0 phase gyms and workout places are going to open. But there will be a complete close down on Mumbai local trains. Moreover, the schools, colleges, and other educational pathways will remain shut down. Along with this motorists will only be allow to go out with a valid reason.

Chennai-Mandatory e-travel pass: In Unlock 4.0 also, people living in Chennai will require an e-travel pass. Moreover, the restrictions in Chennai will be more restricted as compared to others. All the educational pathways will be remain shut down only.

Hence, these are some of the things that are going to open and not going to open in Unlock 4.0. To have more and regular updates, get connect to us.

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