How to Motivate your Call Center Agents?


Every call center agent is the driving force of not just the call center they work in but the companies they handle calls of as well. They are the only asset of the call centers that can actually help them and their clients in increasing their rapport and ultimately sales. Whether it is a B2B call center or a B2C one, the agents are the ones that have direct contact with your customers and clients. Hence, it is very clear that the amount of call they are ordered to make or receive is so high. The pressure increases, even more, when the call center has fewer agents and high volume of customer calls to be received or dialed. However, such pressure increases the stress level and thus the productivity of your B2C or B2B call center. The employees start focusing on the quantity and not the quality of the calls.

In such a situation, it becomes inevitable to do something to lift the energy level of the agents so as to ensure that they attend or make every call with full enthusiasm and positivity. The same will not only help you in keeping your agents happy but also in keeping your clients happy. In brief, the happiness of call center agents is equivalent to the happiness of your client’s customers.

Yes, getting the high call targets met while ensuring optimal quality is essential. But the question here is not what should be done but how it should be done. Hence, in this post, we tell you how you can boost the agents to work to the best of their efforts during the working hours. Take a look.

      Make the environment more welcoming:

What is your idea of a perfect welcoming environment for your office? Think of the changes that should be made to the environment of your company and begin changing it accordingly. If your idea of a perfect office environment is limited to a good infrastructure and seating plan, rethink. The workspace shouldn’t just have good infrastructure but also the kind of environment and additional benefits that can make the employees want to stay. The place should be such that it makes them feel like they belong to this place. We understand home will always be the most comfortable place but make sure the second place they love is their office. Also, be nice to each of your employee.

      Recognize and Praise brilliance:

Though the fact that more you praise and reward the person who excels in his work, the more he works on improving his performance, even more, is clear to all. However, even after knowing this, managers tend to overlook the importance of appreciation. Nonetheless, if you want to boost the performance of the employees, reward them.  A token of appreciation doesn’t necessarily have to be very expensive or gigantic. It can be as small as a movie voucher. The point here is to make the agents feel you are analyzing their performance. This won’t just make the person rewarded more happy and motivated but will also give other agents a reason to work even harder.

      Build plans for career development:

It is important to not just appreciate the good work but also to promote the deserving employee. Besides, all the managers know well that the employees full of caliber don’t think twice before switching the company if they don’t see any learning or growth in the company they are working. Hence, it is important to give the workers something that can help them in their growth. This shows the agents that you care not just for your benefit but do things for their welfare as well.

You might have a B2C or a B2B call center, the tips mentioned above work well in both the call center models. Keeping the spirits of the agents high all the time will help you in fostering your growth. Even the little gestures can make a difference. So, go ahead and carve your own ways to keep the agents happy by taking a cue from the tips we told.

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