How are Fashion Photography Salary Trends in India?

Jake Blake

The world of fashion is more like a web, complex, and replete with several key professionals who keep it moving. Though the designers who conceive original and awe-inspiring designs form the head of the industry, the feet are surely those talented fashion communicators who take these designs to the right people in an attractive fashion.

Among these communicators are talented fashion photographers, responsible for telling creative stories with every click they take. A novel yet exciting career choice, what is its scope in the Indian landscape? Let’s find out.

Scope of fashion photography in India

If there is one industry in India that has shown tremendous growth over the past few years, it is the fashion industry. Replete with a plethora of career options, a relatively novel yet exciting field that has opened up for fashion aspirants is that of fashion communication, of which fashion photography is a huge part.

Though every fashion photographer dreams of ultimately making it in the Bollywood industry, snapping photos of top models and celebrities, there is still plenty of scope with budding fashion houses who need the services of a talented fashion photographer to promote their products.

There is good reason for the high demand for these professionals; after all, even the best of fashion brands are only as good as the products they’re able to successfully market and sell, not just produce. From editorials to commercials to even spec shoots, the role of a fashion photographer extends to more than just clicking head-turning pictures. They must have a thorough understanding of the brand they’re working for, fashion in general, and of course, the technical and creative aspect of photography to bring their photos to life.

The responsibilities of these professionals can be summed up as follows – capturing old trends and presenting them in a new light, planning all the logistics of the shoot, connecting fashion to culture, and staying true to the brand whilst connecting with their audience, among others.

What is a fashion photographer’s income like?

Among everything else, a career option’s economic aspect is an essential factor to consider. Fashion photography, on an average, is a highly lucrative career field despite being relatively new. This can be traced back to the high demand for talented fashion photographers and the current low market supply of such professionals. However, more and more fresh entrants are boldly stepping into this field to try their passion for photography professionally.

Like any other career field, a fashion photographer’s salary depends upon a number of factors – whether they’re working as a freelancer or working for a particular brand permanently, their level of expertise and experience, the market conditions, the kind of client they’ve bagged and their negotiations, etc.

Even starting out, a fashion photographer can easily expect to earn Rs. 4 lakhs per annum for commercials and editorials. Spec shoot fashion photographers make a lot less. With proper dedication and over time, a fashion photographer can even earn as high Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakhs per month! The one amazing thing about the fashion photography world is that the income tends to rise by leaps and bounds, especially in the present market scenario.

The way to step into this high-demand and competitive career field are to get a comprehensive 360-degree learning experience from reputed institutions like the Pearl Academy. The Bangalore branch of the academy offers students with fashion photography courses, which will prepare them for high-end and complex editorial and commercial photography. This is a worth-it investment as salaries after fashion photography courses in Bangalore will make up for all the expenses and hard work.

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