How and When to Wear Astrological Gemstones?

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When to Astrological Stones?

While choosing to wear an astrological stone, it’s better to coordinate your feelings and you revelation on the same day rather than coordinating your jewellery and your outfit. It is advised to the wearer to have a sound knowledge about the general meaning of a gemstone and other stones from the wearer’s birth month as well as his or her Zodiac sign and their favourite colours. It is recommended not to wear or use the stones the stones that one doesn’t like or doesn’t feel good. The energy of most of the stones used spread to about three feet and those that a wearer keep close to them or wear have a strong effect on the wearer.

How to Wear Astrological Gemstone?

After the astrologers prescribe to wear a particular gemstone, most wearer enquires about the proper way of wearing the gemstone. The article will answer the question. The wearer needs to follow a proper way of wearing the gemstone, which is very lengthy. The article will explain the steps, but the wearer can skip the last step, if he or she is uncomfortable with the mantras.

Firstly, when you are accepting a ring with the astrological stone, examine whether the ring has an open base and the stone must slightly come out from it and touch with the wearer’s finger. This helps in getting the wearer the best possible results.

Once you get the ring, take a small bowl and fill it with Ganga Jal or the Holy water of the Ganges or Unboiled Milk. Immerse the ring in the bowl for about 24 to 48 hours. This helps in removal of all types of negative energy that might be present in the gemstone while it went through processing, touching with dirt and anything else. The step is popularly called “ShuddhiKaran” or Purification of the gemstone. The next step involves the day and the time prescribed by the experts or the wearer’s astrologer.

Most people enquire about the exact time. Generally, it is advised to the wearer to wear the gemstones just before the sunrise, popularly known as the Brahma Muhurata. The wearer needs to take a bath and then sit or stand in a clean spot and place the bowl in the front of him and her. Now the wearer nee to chant 108 Mantras for the planet for which the gemstone has been prescribed.

For instance, if a wearer has been prescribed a Ruby or Manik, the astrologer recommends the wearer to wear the gemstone on Sunday after chanting the following Mantra “Om Sooryaay Namah” for 108 times. It is the same with the other gemstones as well. Through the step of chanting the mantras 108 times, we seek blessings of the concerned planet. This is call Praan Pratishtha or Establishment of the Gemstone. Following the step, the wearer can wear the gemstone in his or her respective finger.

Buy Genuine Gemstone

It is very difficult to find transparent and flawless gemstones. However, it is better to have a look for the cracks, scratches and black spots inside any of the gemstones before investing in such a precious and important aspect of life. Alternatively, the wearer can also consult with a qualified gemologist and find out the originality of the gemstone.


After ascertaining the authenticity, look for the colour of the gemstone. Nowadays all the gemstones are treated for enhancing their colour. Hence, the gemstone you intend to purchase must have a vibrant colour and must be pleasing to the eyes. For determining the case, look at the gemstone from under a magnifying lens and determine if the stone has natural opacity and colour concentrations.

Creditability of a Seller

It is always better to look for a credible seller, who can give the wearer knowledge about his or her gemstone as well as help him or her to find the quality, cut and the type of the gemstone. This will be helpful for the purchaser or the wearer as he or she has an informed buying decision. Ensure that the gemstone is certified from a government laboratory. This is extremely important because only original stones are likely to offer the results buyers seek.

Shape and Design

While purchasing gemstone people are usually fastidious about the shape of the gemstone. Each cutting and shape has different characteristics. While buying a gemstone, look for the one that is well-cut and does not have any marks on it. Ensure that the stone on the ring or the pendant touches the skin of the wearer so that the extra energy passes on to the wearer. The stone is supposed to channel the energy and power of the particular planet governing the stone onto the person wearing it. Therefore, it should always remain in touch with the skin.


After the above-mentioned points are clear, look for the transparency of the gemstone. The more transparent the gemstone, the higher the price. Ensure that the transparency should always be natural and not created by heating, glass filling or by filling metal into it. Any enhancement made in case of gems, which is greatly prevalent today, makes the gem ineffective.


You must follow a straightforward approach in wearing the specific gemstone, which will increase the effect of the beneficial planet as per your horoscope. You must carefully chose your gemstones to maximize the positive effect of the ruling planet as per you horoscope. It is beneficial to consult an expert astrologer before you are choosing any gemstone for solving your problems.

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