Crunchy Chocolate Flavored Cake Balls

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Want to send cake to your close ones living far apart? But what if the design drops down?  What if your cake gets crumbled up? Is there any other way out to send the cake safely? The answer is yes.

Now you can get the Online Cake Delivery in Hanumangarh, that too in the most portable way. Enjoy the cakes in the newest format that is ‘Cake Balls’.

What Are Cake Balls?

Cake balls are small round marbles of cake coated with frosting or chocolates. These balls are much tastier and easier to make. These cake balls can be presented with numerous variations. Different decorations for cake balls are best treat for eyes and they are equally mouth watering. It can be made in form of cake bites, cupcake pops or cake pops.

Cake Ball Recipe:

Cake balls are not only good to gift but are easy to make too. Check out the recipe in few easy steps mentioned below:

  • Bake the Cake:

The foremost step to start with your cake ball is to make the cake of your desired flavor. Be it pineapple, chocolate, black forest or any other flavor u love.

  • Prepare The Cake Frosting:

Now, make the luscious frosting for your cake. But remember not to overdo the icing it will make your cake balls mushy.

  • Scramble The Cake Completely :

Now, comes the exciting part of the recipe. We all love to crumble up the cake on birthdays to each other’s face then cutting it. Well, we don’t have to throw on each other’s face but crumble it up completely.

  • Make The Balls :

Turn your crumbled cake into evenly shaped small round balls. Try to make your balls of equal size to give it a better look.

  • Freeze The Balls:

Once your even shaped balls are ready, place it in a tray and keep it in refrigerator. Refrigerate the balls until they get completely set in the given shape.

  • Melt The Chocolate :

Now melt the chocolate using a double boiler. You can use any chocolate according to your taste. You can go for dark chocolate, milk chocolate or unsweetened chocolate. You can even mix the dark and the milk chocolate. Add the crunchy cornflakes or crushed dry nuts in the chocolate to get the additional flavor.

  • Wrap The Balls In Chocolate :

Take out the frozen cake balls from the refrigerator and flip it in molten chocolate. Make sure that the ball is deeply and fully covered in chocolate from all sides. But the chocolate layer should not be extra thick else it will suppress the flavor of cake.

  • Dress And Design Your Chocolate Balls:

Now, when your chocolate balls are done, add toppings of chocolate flakes, Chocó chips or any other sprinkles. Make sure to spread the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. Now refrigerate once more and allow it to set.

The above write up provide you a good and a different way to shape your cake. You can Order Cake in Hanumangarh and enjoy these yummy cake shots sitting at your home. You can even use them for gifting purpose, specially to kids. They will be simply loved by kids.

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