Gurmeet Ram Rahim Found Guilty In Rape Case

Jake Blake

The rape case filed against the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda Gurmeet Ram Rahim in year 2002 has finally received its verdict. The man who is blindly followed by crores of people is convicted to be guilty.

Present Situation In Punjab And Haryana:

The blind followers of Ram Raheem Singh have came out on roads to protest. The situation around the court was uncontrollable since morning. But government was alert and called for paramilitary forces to handle the post verdict situation.

  • Curfew is imposed in some areas of Punjab and Haryana.
  • Public transport services has been cancelled.
  • All the schools and colleges are closed.
  • Internet services has been disconnected since yesterday.

The followers started celebrating outside the court before any declaration. As the verdict was made and reached out to public, they went out of control. Tear gas was lead out to get hold of the situation. Even the media people and cameraman were not spared by the followers.

People are trying to get close to the courtroom where the verdict was declared. The situation is very difficult to be handled.

What Is The Present Decision For Gurmeet Ram Raheem?

Though he is found and declared guilty. But court has not yet announced the punishment. He will undergo minimum 7 years of jail. It will be finally declared on 28, august that is monday by judge jagdeep singh. Till then Ram Rahim Singh is to be kept under Haryana police custody. He will be kept in Rohtak jail for three days until the final hearing.

The rage of followers for the decision leads to severe smashdown n burning of police vehicles.

The violence in panchkula has increased above expectations, to control the situation gunshots have been fired. The mobs in agitation are destroying government buildings too. The curfew has been extended to most of the parts of punjab. Not only in Punjab but now the curfew has been clamped in Panchkula also.

The present location of Ram Raheem Singh is unknown to all. He was to be taken to the jail by chopper and certain sections of media claimed that he is under the custody of army but militants are controlling the situation in panchkula and are still there. It has been heavy loss to life and property. The government has to put continuous efforts to control the situation and violence put forward by the followers of Ram Rahim Singh.

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