17 malware applications getting removed from Google Play Store


From the recent updates, it has been found that amid the prevailing risk of a crucial privacy breach and unwanted access to personal data. Google Play Store decided to remove around 17 applications. These 17 applications are going to be revoke by Google because they have resulted in stealing up some sensitive information. According to the cybersecurity firm, these were the applications containing malicious malware. That further sends down the sensitive information about the users to some others.

Furthermore, Zcaler’s Viral Gandhi claims that joker is a malware specially design to steal personal SMS, contact information. It also resulted in singing up the users for wireless application services (WAP) without their knowledge. According to Zcaler, there are around 1,20,000 downloads of all these 17 applications from the Play Store. And all the people were further infect by snooping malware.

All the applications that are going to be ban by Google Play Store are mention here, have a look to know about all of them. Blue Scanner, Care Message. Further, Part Message, Direct Messenger, Mint-leaf message, one sentence translator — Multifunctional translator, Hummingbird PDF converter. Tangram Applock, Private SMS, All Good PDF Scanner, Unique Keyboard. These are all the applications that are going to be ban by Play Store.

As per the blog post of Google, the Android security team has claims that it has taken down around 17,000 applications from the Play Store since the year 2017. All of the applications taken down were having some malware issues as per the reports from the cyber firms. This malware joker is also affecting a bunch of applications and poses a serious challenge to the security of the Play Store.

In fact, in the month of July, only Google Play Store remove more than 70-80 applications because it was posing a threat to security. However, this joker infected applications would only ask for permission for access to sensitive information. And credentials but will not perform any wrong activity on your device. But slowly and slowly it drops the other components and malware through the app. This was just to carry out malicious activities. so, better don’t use such applications.

Therefore, this is all why Google banned the access of these 17 applications from the Play Store. If you want to have more details on then get in touch with Newz4ward.

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