Delhi- Long lines in front of the liquor wine shops, social distancing not followed


As per the recent news, it has been found that people across all over Delhi are gathering at wine shops and this is triggering the alarm at many. In Delhi, after the wine shop opening people gathered in a very high ratio, and no social distancing was followed by them. They just rushed and made long queues in front of the shops as if they cannot wait for the wines, vodkas, etc.

From the reports, it has been found that more than 150 liquor shops got opened today when the lockdown entered the third phase. These shops are opened in some parts of the national capital of India that is Delhi. Furthermore, it was seen that the people gathered in the early morning at around 7:30 A.M. There are many more other states were long queues were seen for buying wine. The states were people gathered for wines are Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra (the hotspot of corona in India).

Liquor shops were closed in all over India from 24th March 2020 but now have got opened. Therefore, all the consumers of wine and other alcoholic things are gathering to buy them. In Delhi, when a long queue was made in front of the alcohol shop the police tried to separate people. But they did not follow the norms of social distancing because they were eagerly waiting to buy all this.

People from all the states were wine shops got opened were seen in a celebratory mood. Don’t know why people are not understanding that these are very tough times and we should follow the norms.


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