Make Your Wealth Grow with Investments in Enterprise Software Companies

Nick Clair

Invest in a company and never have any worries because the companies always make a profit. Few investors will waste their wealth on start-ups that do not show a growth. Here is look at the ones that are galloping along. You could pick one or two to make your investment from here.


This is a cloud-based billing solution with a base in Chennai. This software takes care of recurrent billing and subscriptions. It has an annual turnover of $100 million. It got its funding of $5 million to start from Accel Partners and Tiger Global. You can run special promotions and use tools for your support team using this software.


This is employee productivity and governance software based in Pune. In one year alone, they have sold more than 60,000 licenses. It helps companies perform better. This is one of the funded recently Enterprise software companies in India. They raised INR 45 crores in one round of funding from Orios Venture Partners and a few other angel investors. The power analytics help you compare work patterns.


This enterprise software company is in Pune. It provides software for file sharing and collaboration among team members of the company. You can view files online and serves as a collaboration platform for designers. They had backing from Blume Ventures and funding from Accel, Intel Capital, and Sequoia Capital among others.


This is an analytics firm for social media usage. It has bases in Chennai and New York. It raised $5.4 million in funding. To its credit, it has processed content numbering more than 150,000,000 pieces. This covered six social networks from more than 25 sectors. It provides one of the recently funded Enterprise software in India. They processed information of more than 24,000 brands.

Indian Energy Exchange

This is a power trading platform in India based in New Delhi, India. You can take part in the electricity market along with the companies having open access. It has received a total funding of INR 30 billion. This platform remains automated, neutral, and transparent. They offer a variety of energy products to trade.


This platform helps businesses do the analytics and marketing. In the beginning, they promoted their product iBeacon to help brands improve their mobile commerce. They stuck with this until they received their funding of $2 million from Cisco and Accel Partners. Now, they have improved their focus and are working on making the technology better.


This is a cloud-based marketing platform for business. It uses cross-channel communications for drive retention and helps to categorize users into meaningful segments. It had funding from angel funding and got more funds to the tune of INR 2.5 crore from GTI Capitals and Blume Ventures. Many thousands of entrepreneurs use Webengage to engage the customers for their business.

Make timely investments once you are sure of your footing. The companies with a strong growth are the best bet. Many of them accept private investments and so you should find some easy picking in this sector.

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