Asthma And Its Treatment With Medicine During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and challenging phases, a human female endures in her lifetime. There are numerous physiological, hormonal and other different changes going on in the human female’s body. Which prepares and helps her carry the pregnancy to full-term to successfully bring into the world, another new human being. It is essentially, a highly commendable feat. A variety of factors contribute to the state of the mother. During and in the ongoing days leading to childbirth right from conception.

General discomforts and related issues

The human female body is anatomically ready for childbirth, once it crosses puberty. Various physical changes marked by noticeable external growth as well as rather subtle changes internally make one ready for the childbearing stage of life. However, we have to keep in mind that not always does everyone have a fully healthy lifestyle, leading or resulting in hassle-free childbirth. There can be complications at various stages. Which are often directly related to pregnancy itself, and some may occur due to the lifestyle and other diseases of the said person in question, viz. Asthma etc

Use of drugs in pregnancy

As said earlier, pregnancy being a high-risk (though not in all cases) event in one’s life, there may occur a lot of disturbances throughout a person’s life, before they approach their pregnancy period. Thereby, certain diseases may be present in their bodies prior to this stage. Asthma and breathing problems may be such examples. Now, these diseases need to be treated in order to keep the baby healthy in the womb. For example, Symbicort during pregnancy is prescribed in cases where the mother is diagnosed with asthma from before, and the condition could not be handled with regular other medicine she was taking.

The dangers of drugs during pregnancy

It is said that a low drug profile during pregnancy is the best, as it poses threats to the baby growing in the womb. Hence, a lot of care is maintained while prescribing or allowing drugs to be prescribed to the would-be mother. This is why all gynecologists advise expecting mothers to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy period.  However, despite that one may surely find cases where the expecting mother is plagued by a variety of diseases. And hence there remains no other choice than to administer medicines. Only in cases of dire need, are medicines prescribed. That too it is kept in mind that these prescribed drugs do not have possible side-effects on the baby.

A plausible and healthy way

However and whatever be the case, it is always the first prerogative of practicing medical person’s to give the expecting mother and the soon-to-be-born baby, a safe and healthy life, and a hassle-free on.  For that, they ensure that all possible measures are taken into account. In case other medicines regarding breathing problem or asthma do not work, there are alternatives like Singulair during pregnancy. Which is also often administered in a pregnant woman. As said before, the overall health of both mother and child are the first and foremost preferences in mind of doctor’s.

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