An Idea about Different Types of Endoscopies

Sahil Arora

The field of medicine is expanding every single week. You can find the doctors and health experts exploring new treatments and methods. But again one thing that has always been a great support is equipment. Yes, this equipment is the unsung heroes for any treatment. In the absence of good quality and effective medical tools and equipment even the hands of doctors are tied.

If you are looking for endoscopy accessories then you can speak to the Endoscopy accessories supplier. Yes, once you have talked to them you can make sure that you never found yourself short of stuff. It might interest you that these endoscopes are used extensively for different types of procedures, treatments and health conditions. There are plenty of endoscopes and their accessories that get used. Have a quick peep at some of the tools below:


When you have a Colonoscope, you can evaluate the inner lining of the large intestine. In a more specific manner, you look for tumours, polyps, ulcers, inflammation, or that of bleeding in the zones of colon and rectum.


If the airway demands to be examined, a bronchoscope is negotiated via your nose and down your throat until it reaches out to the lungs. Once it approaches the lungs, the light and small camera can help you spot the signs of tumours, infection, bleeding, excess mucus, or even any type of blockages. Bronchoscopes can even get used to take tissue or mucus samples for lab testing. These get used in health centres, hospitals and other medical establishments.


You might be having an idea about Gastroscopes right? Well, these get used for upper GI endoscopy that encompasses the stomach, oesophagus, and tiny intestine (duodenum). Most generally, they are used to recognize stomach ulcers, stomach or even that of oesophageal cancer, celiac disease, GERD, Barrett’s oesophagus, hiatal hernia, and so on.


These are like the Gastroscopes. The flexible, lighted tubes of the scope are controlled through down the throat and via the mouth and stomach into the small intestine. These are generally used to eliminate gallstones, heal pancreatitis, and even drain bile ducts, in other kinds of things.


Speaking of laryngoscopes, these assist you perform different medical procedures in the larynx. These are really effective for eliminating foreign objects in the throat, accumulating tissue samples, destroying polyps from vocal cords, and also performing laser treatments.


If you talk about a cystoscope, it is a thin tube that has a camera and light installed on it. Once it is put into the bladder through the urethra, the tube can witness the stones, any signs of tumours, cancer, or any type of blockages, noncancerous growths, and even different problems linked with ureter, and an enlarged prostate gland. All such things can be identified via this endoscope accessory.


So, you can go ahead and talk to endoscopy products distributor and get all the endoscopy tools that you might need for your health centre or hospital.

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