Jake Blake

Jake Blake April 7, 2017

Sweat it out for sound skin Some running, running and a couple quick paced rounds of surya namaskars will give your body the fundamental blood flow. The sweating will be beneficial for you! Make certain to wash yourself with some cool water not long after so that your skin is left perfect.

Jake Blake April 6, 2017

Home decor has become so advance these days. Every day something or the other new attractive things are coming. These things not only make your home attractive but brings some extraordinary experiences at your door steps. Last week, I came across something that left me astonished. 

Jake Blake April 5, 2017

Today, we see men with all different types of hairstyles, but in general short hair seems to be gaining in popularity. Many guys are choosing short hair because it is easier to take care of it and it doesn’t need to be cut as often.

Jake Blake April 5, 2017

Getting an international degree opens up tons of opportunities. To study abroad gives you a wide perspective about new technology, better understanding of the different culture, global exposure. Every country has its own unique education system. Which country you want to pick depends on what you want to gain or achieve from it.

Jake Blake April 5, 2017

I remember the day I got my visa. One of the happiest days of my life. I have dreamt of studying in United States since I was a kid. I knew about the education system, the professors, the study pattern and all. For hours and hours, I did a lot of research about the culture, […]