Why Is 6 Sigma Green Belt Certification Growing In Popularity In Recent Times?


Quality and efficiency are two factors that drive any organization towards excellence and profits. Suppose an organization wants to be reputed and benefit from the industry. In that case, they need to take care of their system’s overall quality, productivity, and effectiveness in terms of resources. This is where six sigma is beneficial for an organization. This type of methodology allows organizations to create processes and systems that are time effective and sustainable for the available resources. Six sigma helps in better business management, especially in those processes or manufacturing-oriented entities. 

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All this has led to soaring demand in getting six sigma green belt certified among the professionals. This certification makes the candidate aware, informed, and eligible to use six sigma techniques in the business and help optimize the processes involved in an organization. 

Here are some of why 6 sigma green belt certification is becoming so popular among professionals.

Professional growth

One of the major benefits of getting trained and certified in the six sigma green belt is the growth that this certification brings. The training allows one to learn new techniques and tools about organizational management, strategic planning, and solving complex problems. 

This means one will become more knowledgeable among peers and become more capable, thus increasing one’s value in the position in the workplace. The skill enhancement will allow one to do better a better job and get more opportunities in the industry. 

Better strategic planning and problem solving

Every organization faces its share of troubles and problems; these problems can range from simple to complex. A good manager or professional is the one who can understand the factors behind the problems, chalk out the possible solutions and choose the best one among them. They also need to keep an eye on resources like time and money. 

Six sigma green belt training will help one learn these skills that will aid in better strategic planning, reducing failure costs, and building better systems in the organization. 

Increases customer trust

Six sigma is also helpful in bettering the systems related to manufacturing and products. This leads to a better quality of products and services, making the customer happy. Happy customers mean the organization is relied on and trusted in the market, making it a reputed company. 

Competitive advantage

Facing competition in the industry is something that no company, big or small, can avoid. But, simply having a strong competition does not mean that one will have to take a back seat and leave the hope of succeeding. Every entity should choose the right way to compete against the competition. 

Six Sigma techniques are very helpful in planning the right strategy to win against the competition. In six sigma green belt training, one will learn how to use information gathered from many sources; can be interpreted after investigation to make the right decision. 

Cost reduction

One of the biggest costs that every entity faces daily is the cost of failed projects. Failed projects use resources but do not give anything back in return. This can increase the expenses of an organization significantly. But, six sigma methodologies under 6 sigma green belt certification can help in reducing the failed project costs. 

It can help in planning the projects, using less time. And also help keep the goal realistic that can be achieved within the time limit. This helps reduce unnecessary costs and allows for better optimization of the funds. 

Six sigma is a highly demanded skill these days as it is not only helpful in better operability of the organization but also helps the professional in their career growth. 


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