10 Tips for a Healthy Neck and Shoulders

Jake Blake

Is daily working on your computer starting to cause neck and shoulder pain? Then, perhaps it`s time to change your working habits. Follow these simple tips, so you can get to healthier neck and shoulders.

  1. Make small breaks (3 minutes break) every 30 minutes

During the break, breathe deeply, from your stomach. Relax your arms, by placing them in your lap. Then stand and stretch your neck and shoulders. If you forget easily, set a reminder on your phone.

  1. Adjust your chair

First, adjust the height of your chair, your feet should be firmly placed on the ground while your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Then, adjust the backrest so you can rely your lower back on it. The backrest not the  arms should be supporting your torso.

  1. Modify your work space

Work space should be similar to your elbows height. Desk that is set too high will make your shoulders tired. If the desk is fixed, install additional part below, for your mouse and keyboard.

  1. Move the monitor

Place the monitor at a distance of the length of your arm, and the top in the height of your eyes when you are sitting straight. The monitor and the keyboard should be placed in central position in front of you, so you won`t have to bend your neck when typing.

  1. Switch hands

During the day, try to change the side of your mouse. Changing hands will evenly allocate the workload. This is especially helpful if you have occasional pain on one side of your neck or shoulder.

  1. Buy handsfree equipment

never hold your phone between your head and your shoulder. If you use your phone often, buy a handsfree device which will reduce the pressure on your neck and shoulder.

  1. Use armrests

Armrests support your forearms and reduce the pressure on your shoulders when you use the computer. The best option is ergonomically designed armrests.

  1. Laptop

If you use a laptop install external mouse and keyboard.

  1. Use a desk with sitting and standing position

Try to use an adjustable desk, one that supports both sitting and standing position. In short time you will notice the difference.

  1. Visit a doctor

If you feel pain in your neck or your shoulders for more than few days, it`s time to visit your doctor.

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Dr. Atif  writes health articles for body pain tips. His articles have appeared in a number of e-zine sites, including EzineArticles, ArticlesBase and HubPages. Learn more about how Dr.Atif’s health articles by visiting his blog at BodyPainTips

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