Vijay Mallya’s Appeal has Been Dismissed by UK Court For Extradition to India

Jake Blake

The liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya lost his appeal for the extradition order to India. This is due to the relation of charges of fraud and money laundering to an alleged Rs 9,000 crore. According to the news, it has been covered that the appeal has been dismissed by the court of the United Kingdom.

From the agents, it has been found the Vijay Mallya challenged the UK for the extradition in India from the country but they dismissed his appeal because of the fraud and money laundering. The dismissal of the high court has basically cleared the decks of Mallya’s extradition to India for facing charges in the Indian court within 14 days after his appeal. Furthermore, the court of UK said that no relief will be granted to Vijay Mallya but this had brought him closer to be prosecuted back to home on charges of money laundering and criminal conspiracy.

Rejecting the grounds cited by Mallya, the court upheld SDJ (special district judge) and Arbuthnot’s judgment was observed by the court. We consider that while the scope of the prima facie case found by the SDJ is in some respects wider than that alleged by the respondent in India. Commenting on the conduct of Mallya, the court observed that the appellant was to party false representations to induce the loans that fund would be inducted by the way of insecure loans, equity, and global depository receipts. Furthermore, this is the only reason for the dismissal of the appeal of Vijay Mallya.

Stay here, to have more updates regarding the appeal and dismissal of Vijay Mallya, the liquor tycoon of Kingfisher.

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