Top 10 Materials to Use for Kitchen Top


There are bunches of choices available for kitchen top. Our rundown of best picks gives the advantages and disadvantages of the best 10 decisions with the goal that you can settle on an informed decision when you rebuild your kitchen. Take after the connections to more information about every ledge material.

Granite Counters

Granite is the ledge material of decision when there are no different things to consider – like cash. It characterizes tastefulness in a kitchen. As the utilization of granite turns out to be more far reaching, the value descends. The magnificence of the stone adds to the excellence of even the most unobtrusive kitchen.

Pros: holds up to warm; arrives in a scope of right around 3000 colors; looks changeless and significant; will endure forever; new sealers are nearly support free; second most astounding hardness rating after jewels; has a high incentive to home purchasers.

Cons: costly, however winding up more affordable; requires some upkeep; a few stones absorb recolors if not fixed; blades can end up plainly dull on the off chance that you cut on it; can break if focused or despicably introduced.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is made out of 93% quartz particles. It is accessible in a bigger scope of colors than granite and has a nonporous surface that opposes scratches. It’s anything but difficult to keep up, without the yearly fixing required by regular stone.

Solid Surface

Since solid surface counters are exactly what they’re called, solid, any scratches can be sanded out. The kitchen tops are uniquely designed to your determinations by organizations, for example, Avonite, Corian, and Swanstone.

Pros: arrives in a rainbow of colors and examples; consistent; recolor safe.

Cons: Defenseless against hot skillet and stains which can harm the surface; can be reasonably costly.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is strong and simple to clean. Add to that cheap and you have an okay decision for kitchen top for the normal home. Since it’s introduced an area at any given moment, it should be possible by most ingenious property holders.

Pros: takes hot skillet; simple to clean; an extensive variety of value, color, surface, and outline.

Cons: counter surface is uneven; tiles can without much of a stretch chip or split; grout lines wind up noticeably recolored; specially crafted tiles are exceptionally costly.


Cover counters bear trademarks, for example, Formica, Nevamar, and Wilsonart. They’re made of plastic-covered synthetics with a smooth surface that is anything but difficult to clean. The pieces are sliced to measure and completed on the finishes.

Pros: you can purchase laminates in bunches of colors; simple to keep up; solid; inexpensive.​​

Cons: scratches and chips are relatively difficult to repair; creases appear; end completing and front edge decisions can be expensive.

Wood or Butcher Block

Wood tops offer a delightful warm look and are accessible in an extensive variety of colors and wraps up. Hardwoods, for example, maple and oak are frequently utilized as ledge woods.

Pros: simple to clean; smooth; can be sanded and resealed as required.

Cons: can be harmed by water and stains after some time; scratches must be oiled or fixed according to producer’s guidelines.

Stainless Steel Counters

For an extremely contemporary and modern search for your kitchen, stainless steel is a decent decision. They are warm safe and solid. Since they’re developed to your details, you can have a consistent ledge.

Pros: takes hot skillet; simple to clean.

Cons: Expensive; boisterous; may scratch; creation is costly; you can’t cut on it.

Soapstone Counters

Soapstone is for the most part dim in color and has a smooth vibe. It is frequently observed in historic homes but on the other hand is utilized as a part of present day homes as both a ledge and sink material.

Pros: rich, profound color; smooth feel; fairly recolor safe.

Cons: requires standard upkeep with utilizations of mineral oil; may break and obscure after some time.


In view of its to a great degree high sticker price, marble isn’t regularly observed on the countertops of entire Kitchen Top. To get the extravagant look, utilize it on an island or inset at a preparing focus. Marble requires consistent support, as it effortlessly recolors. Some new sealers hinder recoloring.

Pros: waterproof; heatproof; lovely.

Cons: costly; porous; recolors effortlessly unless professionally fixed; can scratch; may require sealing occasionally according to maker.

Concrete Counters

In the event that you have Kitchen Top in irregular shapes, concrete might be a decent decision, as they’re regularly thrown right in your kitchen. The high sticker price might be past the vast majority financial plan.

Pros: warmth and scratch safe; can be color-tinted; looks fascinating and strange; new medicines dispose of splitting; added substances diminish porosity; new completes are more decorative.

Cons: mid to high range on cost because of custom work; breaking is conceivable; can look fairly mechanical; porous yet can be fixed.

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