The Cloud For Your Home

Jake Blake

Home decor has become so advance these days. Every day something or the other new attractive things are coming. These things not only make your home attractive but brings some extraordinary experiences at your door steps. Last week, I came across something that left me astonished. 

This new creation was The Cloud Light, designed by multidisciplinary designer Richard Clarkson. You guys must be wondering how this cloud light works. This light is actually in shape of the cloud. When you switch on the light, it feels like there is cloud and on top of that is has a music system which gives thundering sound. This light also have some motion sensor, which means when it senses your presence it glows light and thunder sound is produced. Things get eve more better. Along with many other features one of the most capturing feature is the Bluetooth. You can play music of your own choice. OMG.. can this light get any more better. The cloud is available in the market in varied price range depending upon the feature.

DIY Cloud Light

When I was looking deep into this, I came across various ways where one can make their own cloud light at home. It might lack the thunderstorm sound and bluetooth feature. But it will give you the same visual look as any other manufactured cloud light. To make your very own cloud light, you need the following things:

  • Cotton
  • Glue
  • Some paper lamps
  • Christmas white light
  • String
  • Light weighted wooden log

Once you have everything, following these steps:

  • Glue the cotton on top of your lamps. Make sure all the lamps are of different size to give it a authentic look
  • Glue all the cotton covered lamps with each other.
  • Now, take a wooden lob and attach it with the roof with the help of the pins.
  • Use string or fishing line to tie lamps with the wooden log.
  • Now put the christmas lights inside the lamps and if you want you can hang those light outside the lamp to look it more attractive.

Voila, here you go, you have your very own cloud light. You can put these lights inside your newborn baby’s room, add some ribbons to it and put it in your garden to have thunderstorm theme party. There are many ways to use this different and unique piece of art. Well that’s what I like to call.

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