The Special Cuts of Red Meat You Can Buy Online


Today, online shopping has changed the face of shopping around the world. From dresses to makeup, groceries to accessories, you can have anything at the online shopping sites. There are lots of sites which are reputed and provide good service to the buyers. So, if you want to buy roasted beef, you can order online and avoid all the shopping hazards.

If you are looking for the best beef restaurant, there are several you will find. They are included in the online site to serve you well. You just need to mention the cuts and the portion you want to buy of meat. Now, if you are buying beef, there are certain cuts which you can order online. There are special cuts of beef which are lower in calories and also the fat content is lesser in those. Today, you will know about different types of cuts you can order from the beef house restaurant. Read on to know more-

  1. Legs, Shin and Brisket

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If you want to have beef that is low in calorie, choose the leg piece. Slow cooking is the best way to cook this portion and it tastes great. Apart from the leg, you can also go for shin and brisket cuts which are suitable for slow cooking. You should braise it for 4-5 hours and you can get soft meat that can be used as shredded meat.

  1. Fore Rib and Sirloin

Do you love roasted beef? Then, these are the pieces you can buy for the purpose. While roasting fore rib of beef, the meat portion is removed from bones those are cut into portions. What you get are ribeye steaks. With sirloin portion, you can prepare sirloin steaks. Sirloin is removed with the fillet attached to it and that portion is used to make T-Bone steak.

  1. Topside, Silverside, and Rump

These portions come from the rear side of the animal. These are the best cuts for slow cooking and roasting. The rump steak is usually dry, so while roasting you should not overdo it. Rather, you should leave it pink to get the awesome taste.

  1. The Fillet

You can call it the prime cut of beef. The fore rib and the sirloin are the popular cuts of beef and due to the low activity, these areas are prone to be tender. The portion of the sirloin is known as a fillet. This is the lean cut and you can have it without much tension of getting fat. This is also the most expensive cut in the animal. You will love it because of the taste and a delicate flavor.

  1. Chick and Blade

These portions are from the shoulder area. As these are the hard-working muscle, you need to process it through slow cooking method. To make delicious beef stew, you can use these pieces.

Here are the cuts that you can buy whether online or from shops. But, while buying beef, you should avoid the brightest red pieces as those are not aged ones. While buying beef, you need to buy aged meat as that has the tenderness and the juice inside it.

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