Apple Event iPhone 13 LIVE UPDATES: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro

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apple event iphone 13 live updates: iphone 13, iphone 13 pro

iPhone 13 series is expected to be unveiled on the 14th of September and pre-orders will begin from the 17th of September (in the USA). Only this much information is available and when it will be available region wise is not known yet. However, according to the history of the Cupertino-based giant, we can expect that it will be available in a week or two in other parts of the world.

There are high chances of the iPhone 11 pros getting discontinued after the launch iPhone 12 series. So there will be no price drop or anything as the phone itself is not available. Some of the prior differences which can be observed in the iPhone 13 while comparing to its predecessor (iPhone 12) are 8GB RAM, New Camera, A15 Chip, 120Hz, bigger battery. Design almost the same, 300$ price difference between 12Pro based on rumors.

Apple iPhone 13 launch has created hype among the fans of the iPhone. The smartphone is likely to come in 3 other storage and RAM variants – Apple-iPhone-13-Mini, Apple-iPhone-13-Mini-128GB-6GB-RAM, Apple-iPhone-13-Mini-256GB-6GB-RAM. As for the color options, the Apple iPhone 13 smartphone may come in Black colors.

People are hoping that the new iPhone 13 will sell great this year with that better battery (will be just 1 hour less than the regular 12!) and that smaller notch. Hope that Apple keeps the Mini in the line-up. People are waiting for a detailed analysis of the iPhone 13 as soon as it comes out, tech geeks are also been waiting for a review on the battery, camera, and overall phone performance and if it convinces them.

The upcoming Apple iPhone 13 will have some unique features like:

  1. Upgraded camera sensors.
  2.  AOD
  3. 120 Refresh rate.
  4. Astrography.
  5. Improved battery life.


iphone 13
Although some tech experts are suggesting that the new iPhone has nothing really interesting in it. The iPhone 13 is just like its predecessor with little enhancements. iPhone users will continue struggling with Battery, with no charging improvements, no USB-C, the 120hz screen might be enough to kill the battery life enhancement. Small camera improvements with the aperture and stabilization. Overall, the new iPhone 13 does not seem to be interesting at all.

Furthermore, It’s easy to say Apple is a few years behind android with 120hz displays, except that Apple sells 100 million devices a year and needs a company that can make that many displays. In comparison to these other android phones that sell a small fraction of that in a year. Experts are hoping whether Apple can outshine the competition in terms of the astrophotography mode. They are expecting more than a dimmed lock screen for the always-on display and would prefer customizable icons on a blacked-out screen.

It will also be reliable if pro models would start at 256GB storage if they are going to 1TB. 256, 512, and 1TB. Instead of 128, 256 to 1TB. The new iPhone 13 has ceramic glass protection on the screen and it is quite tougher than other conventional glasses of smartphones. iPhone 13 also comes with IP68 water-resistant feature. The frame of the smartphone is built of aerospace aluminum and no doubt the smartphone will be durable and sturdy. Perhaps on the looks and design, iPhone 13 is pretty much similar to iPhone 12.  Although, it is believed that the new iPhone 13 has a bigger battery as compared to iPhone 12.

Apple can never end Samsung there will always be people who will never use an android device and people who will never use IOS so even if Apple gets way better than Samsung there will always be people who will stick with the Android. The feud between Apple and Samsung is going on for a long time and it can be observed with the latest release of their smartphones. A mockery slogan or statement can be observed from either of the company.

The IPhone mini does not sell very well. Either people pay more to get a normal phone or the pro, or just buy the normal/pro of the last generation. The size can be annoying in many ways and people just pay an extra 100–200 for a much better phone. The mini is not a bang for your buck, while the other 2 are.

Tech experts are giving their mixed opinion on the upcoming release of the latest iPhone. The date of the release of the iPhone13 is set to be on September 14 at 10.30 pm IST. Some huge changes are coming in the latest series of the iPhone. The new iPhone13 will come with a super-fast 5G modem based on the latest network bandwidth, it will have an ultra-wide 48MP camera and Apple’s first-ever 120Hz display.

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