Ramnavmi: The Grand Celebration

Jake Blake

Ramnavmi also was known as ‘chaitra masa Shukla paksha navmi’ is the birthday of popular Hindu god Lord Rama. Ramnavmi is believed to be an auspicious occasion as Lord Rama was born on this wonderful day. People wait for the grand celebration of this day.

It is done on the end of the nine days Navaratri celebration. According to the Hindu mythology, the time period of Navratri is considered to be very pious and spiritual in the name of god Rama.

Celebration timeram

Ramnavmi usually marks the end of the spring. It is widely celebrated every year across the country. It is celebrated every year with same love and faith within people. It is celebrated on two days know as Ashtami and the other one as Navmi. Ashtami falls on the eight days of Navratri whereas Navmi is marked on a ninth day. This year, it was celebrated on 4th and 5th of April.  The ‘muhrat’ or the appropriate timing for the pooja was considered to be from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM of the next day.

Origin of festival

It is celebrated with a lot of zest and zeal all across the country. But some special excitement is spotted in Ayodhya, the place where Lord Rama is believed to be born. People buy new dresses and pooja items for the magnanimous celebration of this day.  During the Navratri, women, men, old people and children of all age groups keep fast for an entire day. According to the capability, some people fast for all nine days while others fast only for 2 days, first day and on the last day. After the pooja on the last day of Navratri young girls are worshipped as they are considered to be an avatar of the goddess. They visit from home to home and people worship them with all the love and faith. Delicious food items like channa, poori, halwa along with some prashaad are made on this day. First, all the food items are kept in front of gods and then after pooja, they are served to young girls. It is believed to worship at least 8 to 9 girls and a boy. This tradition is followed from a long time. The girls also receive some amount of money along with their prashaad. Many people wash their feet and touch them as they believe that the blessings of nine goddesses are showered upon them. Many people follow different rituals depending upon what their ancestors have taught them and what they believe.

Spiritual values

After worshipping and feeding young girls this nine days long celebration of Navratri comes to a halt. It is considered to be of great importance and is believed that god and goddess shower their blessings on the devotees. People of our country put all of their faith and love in this. They believe that all their miseries and worries will be solved and they will live a better life. It acts as a ray of hope for the lakhs and crores of devotees. For people, it is the key to their happy and prosperous life.

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