How to Publicize Your Music Successfully on the Internet?

Nick Clair

Internet has been a huge blessing since the time it has made its way in our lives. Be it whatever, Internet has proved to be the best comrade any person could ask for. This statement holds true for the music industry as well. Whether its promotion of music or distribution or discovery of new talent, internet has been the biggest help.

Whether we search for English Song download or Hindi Songs download, internet leaves no stone unturned to flash out the best in its repertoire.

Now when we take a closer look at the industry and focus specifically on the indie music industry we get surprised to see the awe-inspiring ways and means by which internet has proved its mettle. From letting the indie musicians get known to the generation of attractive opportunities for the artists. These days Indie musicians have got all they were asking for in the internet. But one thing that remains a struggle in this goody-goody world of internet is getting to know the know-how of stuff. Today let’s talk about the most successful ways of music promotion on the internet.

#1. Share your music on Social Media handles

 When we talk about music promotion on the internet, Social media expertly takes the top spot in our list. Social media has become like our very own next door neighbour. We spent more than most of our times checking the latest Facebook and Instagram feeds or Tweets from our best friends or cherished celebrities or personalities than doing anything else. As a result, Social media becomes the most important player for your music promotion. This is the place where the fans get to know you personally. You can chat with them and ask their views on your songs. Moreover, you can also share some snaps and short videos of you preparing your music video or getting ready for a gig. These small steps go a long way in the promotion of your music.

#2. Share your music on your own website

When you want to build a devoted fan base and create a huge buzz about your music in the country then you have to create your own website. Your website is the first playground for your fans to get to know you inside out. If you see the websites of popular Indie bands like Thermal and a Quarter or Nucleya you’ll know what I’m saying. You must upload your music video, audio tracks, live performances and blogs on your website. These steps will help your fan know you and your music better than anyone else.

#3. Create a Newsletter

Creating a newsletter holds the master key for music promotion. As a listener we might forget to visit your Facebook page or your website regularly but we’ll never hesitate to reach our mails. Logically, this is the most effective and progressive way to publicize your music. Share you latest songs with your fans and with the superb algorithm you can know the exact count of people who’ve heard or saw your track.

#4. Contact a Music Blogger

Music and writing is that gorgeous couple which makes all heads turn. A compelling write up written by a music blogger about your latest song could help the fans know your music become the better judge of your songs. Besides that, the blogger will help you speak out your struggles and experiences during your live concerts and music creation process. A music blogger with the compelling write-up will make sure that your music receives that popularity and fan following it deserves. Check out the music blogs created on the official website of “The Raghu Dixit Project” and you’ll definitely agree with me.

#5. Promote on Online Music Platforms

Gone are the days when we used to visit the traditional record label for promotion of our music. These days’ online music platforms are the word of the mouth. Online Music platforms are the biggest boons for Indie Musicians around the world. You can upload it on big platforms like CD Baby, OK Listen, Tune core but its only problem is that they don’t engage in promotion. This is where platforms like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation and Songdew steps in. The brilliant features of the website along with the aggressive promotion on social media handles and FM Radios will most definitely give your music the publicity it deserves.

#6. Share it on Online Radios

These days’ online radios are so captivating that we hardly listen to those traditional radios. It is here that your music will reach a vast gamut of audience and earn you the recognition you desire and deserve. Pandora or Gaana Radio or Saavn Radio are some of the most astounding platforms for music promotion and publicity.

#7. Share it on Online streaming sites

Online streaming sites are a wonderful way to boost up your sales and receive the maddening gaze you crave for. Websites like YouTube, Spotify, ITunes, Tidal Music amongst other hosts to some of the most splendid tracks in the world.

The slow and painful death of traditional concepts of music promotion has garnered a mix-bag of emotions. However, Internet doesn’t fail to give us tons of reasons to celebrate these new and progressive times. Hence this was the most skilfully curated list that’ll help you and your music get the publicity it deserves. So without much ado, check out these steps and see your music sky-rocket your earning. Finally, I wish you all the very best for a brilliant career ahead!


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