F95Zone: Top 7 Games on F95 Zone [#5 is Crazy Amazing]

Nick Clair

f95zone is quite an odd name and it doesn’t seem to be relatable to gaming but is one of the best online gaming platforms. This is one of the most popular adult gaming communities in the world. The whole gamers can interact with each other on f95zone. It is like an online social media platform. F95zone is popular for its adult games and it has a huge collection of a variety of adult games. Apart from that f95zone is also an online community as well as an online discussion forum where community members can discuss with each other.

This is an optimum platform where people can interact with other people and put forward their queries and doubts without any shyness. Most of the time we find ourselves divulge in shyness while asking any unusual thing to our friends and family. On f95zone, anyone can ask any kind of question. Apart from the online discussion forum, f95zone has a lot of other features and functionalities which can help a user in multiple ways.

Features of F95Zone

There are numerous features of this website, but its prior feature is its adult games, a variety of adult comics, and online forums where a user can discuss and interact with a different user. Furthermore, users can also enjoy self-pleasuring clips as well as animations.

Contents available on f95zone are divided into several categories, these include adult comics, an online discussion forum to sort out several issues, and self-pleasuring clips as well as animations. These are the secondary features of this website, the most preferred and accessed feature of this site is its adult gaming platform, it has the most unique and several adult games collections.

In case if you get fed up with playing adult games, then you can interact with different people and seek suggestions about different adult games and make new friends via an online discussion forum. Here are some of the most popular games available on f95 zone, these games are most accessed and preferred by the users.

Being a DIK

This is a very funny, erotic and entertaining game. This is a bit like your version of MSTK3 (except it’s the sexy time version), you can imagine hearing some old-school Lords of Acid playing in the background. The game is basically based on a virtual relationship world and only meant for adults. Great playthrough very entertaining. It is like, if you’re in a relationship with a hetero woman and you appreciate another hot girl they get pissed and jealous even though you are just making comments not doing anything. But if you’re in a relationship with a bi woman and you appreciate another girl they join in “hell yeah she is, “How hot is she”? etc. and eventually you can hook up with her and stay away from being a di*k.

Censored: No

Version: 0.7.2

OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

Language: English


This is not just a game series but it is a series of emotions and experiences. In the first part of the battlefield, you get to play like the Harlem Hellfighters. They were the most decorated regiment in the whole war if remember correctly, and they had a band. Their band leader, James Reese Europe, was the first black man to ever be granted a public funeral in New York City and is buried in Arlington. This game is constantly reminding us these were real people who were braver than all of us are here today, this just looks amazing and you couldn’t help but get choked at parts. This game is based on war and shooting strategy where you will experience real-life war-like situations and one of the best games among f95 games.

Rocket League

At the time of the release of this game, it didn’t gather much attention but now it has become one of the most popular games and it is ranked 11th on Xbox best games. You can play this game with your best teammate. To be a proficient player in this game, you will have to do a lot of practice and you don’t overthink and slow down when you need to. This game is pretty hard to play but it is really enjoyable because of its eye-catching graphics and physics in the game.

Total War Series

Total War series is not just a game but more like history lessons, it is one of the most fascinating in human history. Starting with the discovery of the new world, the establishment of colonies all over Africa, South, and North America, and even in Asia, and going to the American war for independence. The period we see in Europe Universals. The interesting fact about the TW series is that some region improvements were placed outside the main regional settlements and you could harm your enemies economically just by raiding and damaging those small improvements. This would have been such a nice addition in so many Total War games but unfortunately never found its way back into the franchise. You will love to enjoy this game in a medieval context.

Rainbow Six Vegas

The game is quite old but still in trend because of its unique plot. It is still the favorite tactical shooter game for a large number of gamers. Rainbow Six Vegas is a fantastic game that is getting better and better. If you look back at Rainbow Six: Vegas with tenacious nostalgia, which as you know – can sometimes, skew your perception of things. Now almost 12 years later, it is still the best tactical shooter game.

The popularity of the F95zone

The popularity of this site has been increasing unpretendingly over the year. The prior reason behind its growing popularity is its unique collection of games. This site has games for every age group but it is better to keep restricted this site from underage kids and young adults.

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