Personal Safety Tips You Must Practice During DIY Vehicle Maintenance


Vehicles need regular care and maintenance not only to keep them in good condition but also to show unmatched performance on every single ride. A good driving habit is the easiest way to avoid excessive wear and tear. Besides this, regular care and maintenance are also essential to ensure the safety and comfort during the ride. A logical way to service your car is to take it to local mechanic shop. However, you should not ignore the expenses associated with this option. You can conveniently save some good money if you learn to do DIY vehicle maintenance.

For instance, you own a luxury car from a renowned brand Ford; you may quickly find authorised mechanics for Ford service in Dubai. As I have already mentioned professionals will charge a significant amount as a fee to just to spot out the issue, DIY auto service is a sure way to save money.

Here I am sharing few of personal safety tips you should practice if are intending for DIY vehicle maintenance.

Collect required tools and safety equipment

DIY car maintenance is impossible without tools and safety equipment. Requirement depends on the nature of task you are going to perform. To list down the safety equipment, ask yourself few questions about the job you are going to do. Does it include lifting and working underneath the vehicle? Will you be working with oil, solvents, drill machine, hammer, grinder or a wire wheel?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you will have to use safety equipment for personal protection. From safety glasses, automotive rubber gloves and a disposable dust mask, you may need paint respirator, car ramps and jack stands.

Learn to maintain safety during work

The proven way to maintain safety during any job is to spend some time to research about the possible dangers and safety protocol to avoid and tackle them efficiently. Before you proceed doing any maintenance work, you must have a clear understanding of what you can do, what you should avoid and what you should not touch.

If you feel task is beyond your skills, don’t hesitate to hire a professional. Always use proper right tools under bright light. Don’t forget to keep a fire extinguisher, first aid box and cell phone nearby. Accidents can happen anytime. Also, inform your family and friends about where you are working, so they can quickly reach you if you are in trouble.

Wear proper clothes, gloves masks & goggles

Instead of using safety equipment, proper clothing and use of gloves, masks and safety glasses are essential for body protection. Preferably you should wear a tight-fitting T-shirt, as a loose shirt can easily catch up with the wires and drill bits of the grinder and rotary tools. Besides this always use suitable gloves like disposable latex rubber gloves to keep your hands clean and enjoy better grip while working on greasy objects, solvents and paints.

Do use a good pair of automotive gloves to remove heavy auto parts like tires and large fasteners in compact areas. They protect knuckles and offer good grip to hold small nuts and bolts as well. Don’t forget to wear protective glasses and disposable dust masks, especially, when you are removing rust with a wire wheel or working under the vehicle to avoid inhaling fine dust and rust particles. Always wear large safety glasses while drilling and grinding.

Perform general cleaning

Proper disposal of oil, oily rags and paper towels is essential. It’s everyone responsibility to be good with the environment and protect fire incidents. With a little attention, while handling chemical solvents and proper cleanup, you can easily ensure personal safety during vehicle maintenance.

Conclusion: Working with automobiles can be dangerous if personal safety tips are not followed. Following safety tips is essential for all including professionals offering Ford service in Dubai.

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