Best Car Dealership Photography Tips

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best car dealership photography tips

Car dealerships constantly need eye-catching photography to showcase their inventory and attract potential buyers. From glossy brochures to website listings, high-quality images are vital for presenting vehicles in the best light. However, capturing the perfect shot can be challenging, especially for dealerships with limited resources. This blog will share the best car dealership photography tips to help you create stunning images that will make your cars shine.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting, you’ll find valuable advice on setting up your shots and choosing the right equipment and car photo editor app to create a professional look. Get ready to take your dealership’s marketing to the next level with the best car dealership photography tips!

Best Car Dealership Photography Tips For Stunning Car Photos

Choose the Right Equipment

To keep the fundamentals of photography right, you must choose the appropriate equipment. Selecting the right equipment can make it simple for you to take photos like a professional. Any high-megapixel model from Nikon, Canon, or Sony is a good choice for taking pictures of cars.

If you have a tight budget, you can choose affordable cameras for photographers. You need to get a lens with a broad range of focal lengths. Professionals recommend the 24 – 105 mm lens length range for automobile photos.

Use CPL Lens Filter To Avoid Reflections

You may have observed unwanted reflections in car dealership photography shots because of the glossy finish on the vehicle. To prevent that, use a CPL lens filter. The CPL (circular polarizing lens filter) is used for outdoor photography to reduce excess brightness and reflection. You should mount the filter on your lens to get beautiful photos of cars. Don’t restrict yourself to one angle. To get the most stunning image, try taking photos from various perspectives.

Capture From High And Low Angles

Most photographers shoot from eye level when taking pictures. This perspective is common among viewers. By doing something novel and remarkable, you can get their attention. What do you need to do to do that? Conduct high and low-angle exploration to give the car a distinctive appearance.

When practicing great photography, never be frightened to do so. To phaotograph it from a lower position, you might sit or lie down on the road. A ladder can also help take pictures from higher vantage points. It’s now up to you to decide how effectively you can use the various angles.

Be Meaningful

Online shoppers become interested in a product when they can connect with the images. Your photos must demonstrate why someone should buy cars from you. Additionally, when photographing ATVs and UTVs, you must add an exciting context. The best car dealership photography may be created once you master the skill of creating stories through automotive images.

Focus on different angels

You must learn to employ various angles to take pictures of cars proficiently. Some may become perplexed when deciding which angle car photographers should try. You can take photos of cars from the front left, front, back, back left, and side angles. To prevent shakiness, use a tripod. Change the tripod’s height in addition to its various orientations. Don’t take all the pictures at eye level, as we have said before. You might acquire more alluring images with different angles.

Experiment In Different Light Conditions

Based on the color, feel free to experiment in various lighting scenarios. Try switching the lighting sources to alternate between artificial and natural light. However, some automobiles appear more arresting when photographed under artificial lighting. Your car photos should look vivid and authentic as their primary goal. Your car picture should achieve the desired effect after experimenting with various angles and orientations.


Use Sufficient Lighting Set Up

You must have enough lighting set up to illustrate your car effectively. You can only sometimes rely on natural light for auto dealership photography. It is advised to purchase a vehicle photography lighting kit set if you are not running out of budget. These will enable you to capture beautiful automotive images like a seasoned photographer. You also need to learn how to point light sources in the right direction. Set them up in random positions and take shots with that setup to achieve that. The best direction can then be determined by comparing each photo.


These top car dealership photography suggestions can aid in your car photography development. You must choose expert photographers if you want to use creative campaigns and cinematic advertisements to promote your auto business online. 360-degree car photography requires a solution that is scalable, practical, and produces results of a high caliber. However, if you are looking for solutions like these, then Spyne is your one-stop solution.

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