Park Guell Barcelona – Best Place To Visit With Kids

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Park Guell is one of the most exciting and amazing places to visit for your holidays. With beautiful old architecture and vibrant colors, the place is capable of making anyone happy. The dreamlike world of the park communicates with nature and let you leave your imagination loose. 

Barcelona’s Park Guell is one of the finest examples of unique architecture combined with beautiful gardens. just imagine that you were here at this beautiful place with your family and having so much fun. Isn’t it great? SO, stop thinking and start planning about an unquestionably trip. Plan your trip now and get your booking through the delta airlines official site and find out many vacations offers to Park Guell, Barcelona. Which is certainly worth a visit for two or three days. 

Let us take a tour of Park Guell. Keep reading to find out some astonishing facts!

Where is Park Guell?

Park Guell is located in Barcelona city in Spain. The incredible 17.18-hectare park is clearly an example of unique architecture and gardens. The bright colors, decorators, wavy paths that reminiscent lava, walkways with trees covering them, icicle, geometrically shaped places, and work of ceramic and colored glasses make the place extremely beautiful and captivating. Gaudi Park Guell is surely a place that will take you to the land of colors and will bring back your childhood.

How to visit Park Guell?

Barcelona’s Park Guell is easy to spot and reach. The Tourist bus can easily take you to the entrance of the dreamland world. The timings of the park are 8.00 to 21.00, so ultimately you get to have a full day to embrace the beauty of the park. One needs to get Park Guell tickets to get the entry to this amazingly unique and colorful place. The ticket prices vary as per the age, which is as follows:

  • Adults at USD 12
  • Seniors above 65 at USD 8
  • Children from 7-12 at USD 8
  • Children below 6 are free

What can you see in Park Guell?

Barcelona’s Park Guell is full of surprises. It has something or the other for each and every visitor over here.

  • Greenspace of 17 hectares
  • Architecture so unique and beautiful
  • Mosaics made of colorful glass pieces
  • Fun playground for the children
  • Animal figures and geometric shapes to embrace
  • A large bench of 110 meters long to rest
  • An audiovisual exhibition about the park at Casa Del Guarda

What makes Park Guell worth visiting?

Park Guell is truly a magical place. The magic of the colors and architecture can be felt in the heart of each visitor. The beauty of the place with take you to another land full of imagination filled with peaceful environment, marvelous scenic beauty, and various creatures. The magical green-space will uplift your soul and heart. Undoubtedly, Barcelona’s Park Guell is a must to visit location while you are on your trip to Barcelona.

Why and who created Park Guell?

Park Guell is a big and huge garden with such stunning and breathtaking artifacts that make it a dreamland. Designed by a rich entrepreneur Eusebi Guell in collaboration with passionate architect Antoni Gaudi. The place was actually a luxurious residential complex and was known as Gaudi Park Guell. The duo eventually dropped the idea and allowed their imagination to flow free to make this fairytale Park, Guell.

Last words

We all love parks and when the park is so beautiful and dreamy like Park Guell, it is better to plan and book your flight tickets over the phone, just by dialing british airways contact number and get instant and quick reservations to Barcelona. So, you can visit here very easily and affordably and can get a lifetime memory of such a wonderful place!

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