Over 400 Migrant families affected due to COVID lockdown will have financial support by Sonu Sood


Recently, sources said that Sonu Sood who became a hero for his efforts during COVID lockdown for sending people home has now officially announced that he is going to help the migrant families who have been affected due to the lockdown of COVID. He has claimed that he is going to support more than 400 migrant families who died or got injured during the lockdown of COVID

As per the reports, on Monday that is 13th July 2020, the 46-year-old actor said in a statement that “I’m very much happy that I helped so many people and they gave me blessings, I suddenly became a hero for these constant efforts of mine.” Furthermore, Sonu Sood said that now I have decided to help all the families who suffered a lot just because of the coronavirus lockdown, this will help them to have a secure future as well. Later on, reports said that Sonu Sood has reached out to authorities of so many states such as Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and many more for having the account details of family members of the migrants who died or got injured.

Sonu Sood is the best-known actor for playing the role of antagonists in movies but has nailed as a hero on social media for his successful efforts for sending thousands of people to their respective homes. Moreover, Sonu Sood arranged foods, buses, trains, and even flights for the migrants who were walking on foot towards their houses. Sonu Sood is an actor who came out with a helpline number and toll-free number through which migrants who needed assistance were able to share their details through a phone call. Sonu Sood not only helped the people affected by COVID lockdown, but he also made efforts to help thousands of people who got affected because of the Nisarga cyclone last month. Reports clarified that Sonu Sood and his team distributed food to around 28,000 people and moved them to safe places like in schools and colleges.

Sonu Sood has become a hero after his regular efforts from the month of March. In April, he arranged hotels in Mumbai for healthcare professionals so that they can stay in without any issues. Lastly, we would like to say that this man did a great job, hats off to his efforts.

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