Kasol Shut Down: Section 144 Imposed

Jake Blake

An incredible move has been taken by Himachal Pradesh High Court. The Kullu Government is ready to seal 48 illegal hotels and restaurant in Kullu, Manali and neighboring towns like Kasol and Tosh and 75 properties in Manikaran Valley from 26th June 2018.

There are many illegal hotels in the region. There are about 2000 of hotels in the district, out of which about 1500 are in alone Manali. And out of these 2000 of hotels only 638 are registered in tourism and excise departments.

Not only locking down the illegal hotels but more is there

 In addition of locking down of illegitimate hotels and restaurants, their water and electricity connections stopped, the High Court has also instructed the annihilation of an unauthorized portion of 92 hotels and restaurants in  Manali which it has identified as illegitimate.

Section 144 imposed for indefinite time

Deputy Commissioner Yunus khan imposed the section 144 in the region for an indefinite time period from June 25. In addition to it, he has also banned the haulage f weapons in the regions for two months to make sure the safety of field officers.

Authorities are ensuring that the violence which had taken place at the time demolition derive in Kasol on 1st May 2017 in which an incensed hotelier purportedly shot an Assistant Town Planner Shail Bala would take place again. To ensuring this, section 144 has been imposed.

What is Section 144?

Section 144 sanctions a magistrate to forbid the congregation of more than four people in an area. And every person of that unlawful gathering can be retained for engaging rioting. The maximum punishment for such unlawful act is two to three years.

Deposit licensed weapons to police stations

 The deputy Commissioner has demanded the people to place their licensed weapons to nearby police stations in three days. He ordered that no person other than security staff and police executing their responsibility would be granted to carry weapon.

The petition was filed in public interest in HC

The petition was filed in public concern in HC, which consists that, a few hotels were allegedly running tranquilizer business, and while most of the hotels are constructed on intrude land. This brings about the high court to order the district administrators to carry out an inquiry to find out the reality.

What authority says?

The Deputy Commissioner said that they had asked the owners of all these 48 illegal hotels to leave their property in time otherwise they will seal them. He said that they are taking all the useful and necessary moves to implement court orders and all the departments have asked to cooperate.

Kullu’s Superintendent of Police said that the police will help the administration to carry out the court orders. They will take all the possible measures to deal with any situation.

If you are planning to travel any of these places in the coming days then before booking your hotel please check but try to avoid roving to these areas for some time period.

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