Jumpsuit, the Perfect Evening Wear

Nick Clair

Confused about what to wear for an office party or a house party at your friend’s place? Then you don’t have to think or worry much about anything as the best option to wear to any party or an office gathering these days is the jumpsuit. Jumpsuit came as a new fashion trend a few years back and now it has become the part of every closet. It is considered to be one of the most comfortable and stylish clothing, that suits every body shape and there is not one type of jumpsuit but there are different types of jumpsuits available in the market. If you are looking for online jumpsuits then there are a number of online shopping sites to browse through.

Jumpsuits to wear according to the body type

But before jumpsuits for girls online shopping, one should be clear about their body frame.

  • Petite frame- Those who have a petite body type, should wear jumpsuit with a cropped ankle. It looks quite stylish and trendy.
  • Plus size- Jumpsuits with belts look good on ladies who are plus size.
  • Heavier on the top- Jumpsuits with high cuts that are not too tight look appropriate on ladies of such a body frame.
  • Heavier on the bottom- Don’t like your thighs? Then not to worry as you can wear tapered pant jumpsuits that would not highlight your hip area.

Types of jumpsuits

  • Cold shoulder jumpsuits with baggy pants- Those with broad shoulder should wear cold shoulder jumpsuits as they would highlight your shoulder. These jumpsuits look stylish and quite sophisticated. The baggy trousers are perfect for those who have a petite frame and wide hips.
  • Strapless jumpsuit- Those with an hourglass figure should definitely wear strapless jumpsuits. The strapless neckline looks perfect on those who have a smaller upper portion and petite structure. Those who have the perfect hourglass figure should wear a strapless jumpsuit.
  • Wide-legged jumpsuits- Wide legged jumpsuits are perfect for those who have a heavier lower part. Such a jumpsuit can also be worn for dinners and late night parties.
  • One-sided shoulder jumpsuit- This kind of a jumpsuit is just chick and quite modern. It is not easy to carry a one-shoulder jumpsuit and those who do seriously look quite glamorous. Looks perfect on pear-shaped and hourglass figures.
  • Off shoulder- This kind of a jumpsuit looks perfect on everybody; those with a petite frame and those on the heavier side both look great in an off-shoulder jumpsuit.
  • Playsuits- These are just like jumpsuits but shorter in length, a playsuit is perfect for a beach holiday. It look chic and stylish, also it should be worn in vibrant colors.

The trend of wearing jumpsuits is here to stay mainly because of its comfort level. One should wear a jumpsuit according to one’s own figure and also according to the comfortability factor which is a must. Unless one is not comfortable then there is no point of wearing something.


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