Instagram Reels one of the biggest rivals to TikTok: How to use Instagram Reels?


Finally, the rivalry of TikTok has come out and the name of this rivalry is Instagram Reels. Moreover, Instagram Reels is going to fill out the TikTok shaped hole in the lives of people.

As we all know that the tensions between India and China were increasing and due to this the government decided to ban around 59 Chinese apps from the Indian nation. These apps were decided to be banned because some of the people claimed that the information of them is going out to some other countries in unauthorized means. Furthermore, the government claimed that a cyber-attack can be there in India, hence, that’s why the 59 Chinese apps including TikTok was banned in India. But still, people are missing TikTok because this is one of the most famous platforms through which people earned name, fame, and income as well. So, if you are also missing TikTok, then this is the article that you will love to know about, Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels is a new feature created by Mark Zuckerburg so that the people get entertained and unleash their creativity by making short videos. Now, as the TikTok has banned, Instagram Reels is the next opportunity for the people to get popularity. There are so many other Indian developers also that tried to fill this hole of TikTok in people’s life by creating Mitron, Chingari, and many more but the real guns are stepping in now. Instagram is having millions of followers as it is owned by Facebook, now it can be a serious challenger for TikTok in each and every country. Now, the question arises, how can you create Instagram Reels?

Creating Instagram Reels is very simple and easy but the important thing is you will have to get the Reels on your device. Facebook is still rolling out with Reels for people in India, some people are having this feature but some don’t. Have a look and follow these steps:

  1. First of all, open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the camera icon present on the left, this is the place from where you add stories to your Instagram page.
  3. Then on the bottom, you will see Live, Story, and Reels option. Tap to the Reels option and from there you can start making your videos.
  4. Now, you can easily create Reels for Instagram that is a 15-second video like TikTok. It is much easy and simple to create.
  5. You can easily add the music, effect, filter, and many more other things to your Reels. Even more, the speed of the video can also be set. You can set the time as well, therefore, this is how you can create Reels video.

Go and update your Instagram today only but if still, you are not getting the feature then wait for some days because this feature is still rolling out for people in India. Ergo, this is all, to know more mention us in the comments below.

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