Indian Railways decided to cancel regular train tickets till June 30th, 2020


Regular mail, express, passenger and suburban services of the railways had been suspended from March 25 due to the coronavirus-triggered lockdown. As per now, Indian Railways decided that all the regular train tickets booked by people till June 30th, 2020 will be canceled. Ergo, the passengers will get their refund back as only the special trains are being operated in this lockdown.

The railway of India has decided to cancel all the regular train tickets until June 30th because the government has decided to maintain the norms of social distancing. Therefore, the social distancing will only be maintained if people will stay at their homes, that’s why all the regular trains’ tickets have been canceled. All the passengers who booked their tickets will get their refund back as no travel through trains will operate. Only the passengers who are stuck in some other states will be sent to their hometowns through special trains. Hence, these are the special trains that started from May 12th, as per the guidelines of the Indian government.

These tickets that the government has decided to cancel are the tickets that were booked by the people during the lockdown. Hence, some special trains are running from Delhi Railway Station, if anyone is interested they can book their tickets through the IRCTC website.


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