Bit Chilly and Windy for a Walk?


So it’s the coldest week…err…ever!  It’s blowing a gale…(yup some of my fence panels couldn’t take it…great!) what do my 2 boys declare they want to do a 7:30 this morning…WALK to school (we usually go in the car).

Bearing in mind they wear shorts and my eldest refuses to wear anything else apart from his shirt and jacket…no jumper, underarmour etc… and obviously will never pull his socks up…despite the teachers best efforts (I gave up a long time ago).

Now it would have been easy to say it’s too cold…it would have been easy to say it’s too windy…it would have been easy to say ‘we don’t have time’…it would have been easy to say ‘NO…but maybe we’ll do it next week’.

However, they fancied a walk so a walk is what they got personal trainer east london .

Despite the cold, the wind…like really windy…a set of chilly cheeks and knees…they loved it.

They got into school, buzzing laughing and full of even more energy than normal…and this is no 5 minute walk…its 2.2miles from our house so when your 7&9 that’s a decent amount of time to be walking (40mins ish?) in the cold wind.

Now why am I telling you this…

Well, there are a few lessons in there that we could all take note of and relate to your own health, fitness and mindset.

1)      They haven’t been conditioned in the negative ways a lot of people talk to themselves…they didn’t talk themselves out of it (and we didn’t either) giving themselves the great excuse of ‘doing it next week’.

2)      They felt amazing after it (and so did mum by the way)…it actually gave them energy.  YUP, that’s right doing activity and exercise actually GIVES you energy and positive feelings.

3)      They didn’t take an easy option.  It’s easy to just do what you have always done, follow the habits of a lifetime and take an easy choice.  It’s very rare that the easy choice or easiest way is the best way for you…especially if you actually want something different.

If you want a different result in any area of your life…fitness, weight loss, health, career, relationships, mental wellbeing…you HAVE to actually DO something different.

You have to be willing to change something, big or small, it doesn’t matter!  That, however, isn’t usually the easy option; BUT remember this…doing nothing is easy, that’s why so many people do it…but then they complain about their results!? Illogical isn’t it…??  Don’t be that person.

My challenge to you today and this weekend, is to think about times when you may have taken the easy option (that didn’t serve you the best for your goals) and commit to yourself that you aren’t going to default to that mode.  You are different, if you want different results you are going to take action instead. Have fun with it and see how many times you catch yourself doing it.

(*warning: your minds’ justification system will kick in and start telling you why it was ok to take the easy option…don’t listen to it because you know deep down it’s a lie).

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