Dubai International Airport is Out With Some Rules for People Going to Use Airlines


In the recent crises of COVID-19, Dubai International Airport has made an announcement about the working of airports. But the International Airport of Dubai has come out with some rules for all the customers as well as the staff members. If you want to know about their rules, then have a look down below:

  1. At the international airport in Dubai wearing up of gloves and masks are very much important. Both the members as well as the employees will have to use them.
  2. Furthermore, thermal scanners are placed at the airport for checking up the temperatures of the people stepping into the airport.
  3. Physical distancing indicators are placed on the grounds of the airport so that the travelers maintain social distancing. These indicators are placed everywhere in the airport where gathering takes place. For example, in the check-in area, boarding areas, etc.
  4. The teams at airports have installed special and protective barriers at the check-in and check-out desk to provide additional safety for everyone.

They have made this rule to prevent the further outbreak of COVID-19. Along with all these few inflight norms are also made just to maintain the social distancing. Let’s have a look to know about the inflight norms made by the airlines of Dubai. Have a look to know about them:

  1. Food and beverages are going to be served in the bento-styled boxes. This will help in reducing the contact between both the passengers as well as the staff members. Ergo, the personal boxes services will provide customers with sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and beverages.
  2. Along with the meals, to reduce the risk of spread by touching magazines and newspaper facilities have been temporarily unavailable. This will help in reducing the risk of COVID-19 to a higher level.
  3. Cabin baggage service is currently unavailable on flights. Carry on items that are allowed in the cabin are limited to laptops, handbags, briefcase, and some baby items. No, further bagging is allowed in the flights.

Now, we will discuss the inflight view of some of the flights. Look down below, to know more in details:

  1. EMIRATES- Emirates has introduced social distancing in their flights with pre-allocated seats in between the passengers and the family groups traveling somewhere. They said that this is one of the best methods to prevent people from coming to each other’s contact.
  2. KLM- KLM says that it has initiated total social distancing measures at Schiphol and international airports. Therefore, the passenger seating patterns have also been modified.
  3. QATAR AIRWAYS- Qatar Airways is trying to encourage social distancing wherever possible. They are especially focusing this on the flights them. Distancing is also implemented during check-in and check-out services. Therefore, the seats are also allocated apart from one another.
  4. ALLEGIANT- They said that customers are requested not to book the middle seats unless it’s to ensure that families can sit together.
  5. AMERICAN AIRLINES- CEO of American Airlines, Doug Parker said that around 50% of the standard middle-class seats have been blocked.
  6. DELTA- Delta is also looking forward to blocking all the middle seats on their flights. Therefore, this is going to last until the end of June.

These are a few norms made by the International Airport of Dubai. Stay connected if you want to know more about the circulars of Dubai and it’s the airport.

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