Electronic Items/Gadgets: Five things you must look before buying


Consumers often get confused, when it comes to purchasing a suitable electronic item for their personal use. This is because of availability of better and shinier devices with advanced features promising to deliver excellent performance.

In addition to the practising basic shopping tips like when and where to buy, accepting or rejecting extended warranties and price comparisons of electrical products; shopping electronics in Dubai require proper planning.  Once you have listed your requirements, expectations and an approximate amount you are ready to spend, you can visit an electronics shop to purchase the required items. Don’t forget to compare prices of different brands and stores selling these things.

Here I am sharing few simple things you must know before you step out to purchase a most suitable electronic item, which is fulfilling your requirements without breaking your budget.

Learn the difference between refurbished/pre-owned and used

Before you understand the difference among them, spot out the similar feature they share. None of them is brand new and has previously sold to some buyer. This means you can save significant money while buying them.

Refurbished: These are used and unused items, manufacturer receives as broken pieces for testing and diagnoses. The product is thoroughly cleaned, repaired and repacked with an additional warranty to resell at discounted prices.

Pre-Owned: Technically pre-owned and used are same. Pre-owned are the appliances that are used carefully and still in excellent condition. Sellers often get their product checked from manufacturer or dealer to return the original specification to authorise it as Certified Pre-Owned (CPO).

Used: These are second-hand products, which are entirely functional with signs of wear and tear. They are often available on online shopping portals. In simple words item is fully functional but has scratched or damaged outers.

Consider checking calendar for festive sales

If you are not in the urgent need of an appliance, you should wait for public holidays, end of year and festivals. Brands often come up up with limited time deep discounts and annual sale events for their customers. This is the time where you can save money on buying brand new products.

Do check customer reviews

It’s natural to get tempted with eye-catching advertisements broadcasted over TV and web. Manufacturers highlight the best features of their products to show the potential to perform well. Savvy buyers don’t buy after watching ads.  They look for expert reviews, customer feedbacks and ratings to reveal the truth about products. Spend some time to understand the limitation of an item to make a useful choice. Consider checking reviews about brand and retailer for peace of mind.

Compare price differences between local, online and brand outlets

Comparing prices of the same product is an old but good approach; smart consumers often implement to avail the best price of a product. Smartphones have made this job much more comfortable. Price comparison apps will help to perform quick price comparison and give factual data on local and online retailers.

Carefully check the packaging

Whether you are purchasing from a local shop or online store; don’t forget to check the packing to ensure that carton is never opened. If you are buying from the local electronics store, you can check it on the counter. Whereas for online shopping you will have to wait till you receive the shipment.

Conclusion: Several reputed malls and stores are selling electronics in Dubai to facilitate buyers across the world. All you need is to identify your needs to buy the best products.

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