The Best Ways You Can Use Custom Lapel Pins

Nick Clair

Lapel pins are worn over the lapels of suits, jackets, tuxedos etc. They are similar in nature to brooches and badges. Lapel pins usually display the logo or motto of an organization, institution or a social cause. It shows the wearer’s association and dedication to this organization or cause.

They are also given for professional and educational achievements. Lapel pins and badges are also used during political gatherings and rallies, souvenirs of tourist spots or famous landmarks, sports events, cultural programs, charity galas, NGO’s and foundations etc. They are used to consolidate a sense of membership and unity.

The use of pins, badges and brooches dates long back in human history. Manufacturing of pins started in the Bronze Age. Throughout different civilisations, pins have been used for ornamental, official and even for mourning purposes! Pins were particularly in vogue with the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Vikings, the Celts and more recently, in Romantic and Victorian England. Queen Elizabeth the Second has a particular knack for pins and brooches and often sports them.

During the USSR era, pins featuring the faces of Lenin, Stalin were distributed among the youth, working class and members of the Communist Party. The People’s Republic of China had their counterpart as well- pins featuring Mao Tse Tung.

During days of national significance, government officials and ministers of that country are often seen with identical lapel pins. Pins of popular brands like Disney, Marvel, DC, music bands, tv shows are quite in demand these days. These pins are used for promotional purposes.

Nowadays, you can get “custom lapel pins” online, that is, you can design your pins to be of exactly the design you want. You can also get different kinds of quirky embellished pins, such as-

  1. Pin on the pin- One pin is attached on top of another to give it a three dimensional, cool appearance.
  2. Dangler pin- There is an extension at the base of the bigger pin. From there, a smaller pin dangles from loops or chains.
  3. Bobble pin- It is identical to a dangler pin, except it uses a spring in place of loops or chains.
  4. Flocking- These pins usually consist of an area that is fuzzy.
  5. Lenticular pin- These type of pins can display two or more images, motto or design. These images are changed when the pin is tilted in a back and forth motion.
  6. LED pin- These pins contain LED circuits and are lighted up when the switch is turned on. These pins are bigger and heavier than usual embellished pins, due to containing the battery and switch.
  7. Slider pin- The design on top is usually moveable. It can be slid back and forth from the top to base of the pin.
  8. Spinner pin- They have a piece that can be spun in a circular motion of 360 degrees, usually with the help of a rotator or a spring.

 So, with the help of “custom lapel pins”, you can find beautiful pins of any style- classic, minimal, quirky or vintage. You can find online stores that have amazing collections and discounts on bulk orders. So hurry up and find your pin today!

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