Apple Ios 11 Starts Causing Problems Like Never Before

Ravleen Chawla

The most significant element of having a fine, shiny iPhone is being able to in fact use it with no the battery dying in two hours. So you can almost certainly guess the delight of iPhone users once they revealed that Apple iOS 11, Apple’s new operating system, is draining batteries like never before.

To confirm it, mobile security firm Wandera examined 50,000 people who are “moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users” and who ran moreover iOS 10 or 11. And they compared the battery shown in both Operating Systems. Somewhat chillingly, it was found that phones on iOS 11 ran through a fully-charged battery in only  96 minutes, compared to a standard of 240 minutes with iOS 10.

Apple will perpetually release software updates that will assist, but in the interim, you can try out a few tricks here, that we’re updating as we go.

Instead, there is one solution that a few say solves the issue totally. Though, you should be warned that this is the most radical of solutions.

You can factory restore your Apple iOS 11 and set it up as a brand new phone. But it is stated that the battery trick only functions if you don’t restore from backup. So you have to be ready to lose all of your data, messages, apps and the lot.

If you are bearing in mind it, we propose you either backup throughout iTunes on a PC or Mac, or backup to an iCloud account initially. That manner, if you don’t like the results, you can at least relapse to the latest backup later.

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